Phil working with the Lakers:

Knicks Ex Phil Jackson Has New Role with LeBron's Lakers (

Would I rather be the Lakers or Knicks right Now?

Would I rather have Phil working with the Lakers or the Knicks?

Would I rather have Phil working on looking for a H.C. for Lakers or have Thib's as my coach?

We have nobody in this organization with 1% of his Pedigree and he is a Knick. How did we get in this state where we cast out our own for some no nothing people that could care less about the Knicks. And we pay them.


I didn?t realize LeBron signed off on running the triangle? If they wanted Rambis, why pay Phil consultant fee?

She should be forced to sell the team for gross negligence

As Michael Kay said on the radio yesterday?. You can make the case that Phil came to NY to be saboteur?. Every action indicated that he was trying to make NYK worse.

And, what was he the worst at? Hiring coaches? Fisher, Hornachek?.

Gotta feel bad for Phil, for this is the only gig in NBA he can get now?. A charity paycheck from his girlfriend

Knicks in such a mess bc Jax buried them with awful drafting, coaching hires and nonexistent player development.

I guess LeBron will demand trade to CLE now


The Lakers need a young Phil Jackson or Pat Riley as the team head coach, plus two young PG to run the strategic moves of the head coach. The Lakers Dum management should've resigned PG Caruso speed when they traded for the triple-double PG Westbrook, the two offense/defense PG would've run the offense plus tag-team in the rotation.
And when the Lakers signed Carmelo Anthony and Monk, I knew them two would reduce the Lakers team performance lower than a 8th seeded team the way Anthony Davis slow old-man 2020-21 performance were.
The Lakers need a lot of help throughout their organization in the New NBA LMAO !!!
Saw a report that said the Lakers were given permission to talk with Adrian Dantley.
A.D. was one of the coaches I suggested the Knicks hire before they hired Thib?s. I know he is a very good Assistant Coach but the Lakers are looking for a HC. This would be a great hire for the Lakers.

Too bad Knicks are stuck on stupid.