Pierre Jackson and Cory Jefferson


Rotation player
Anyone see Baylor upset Kansas Saturday? My buddy Al texts me Sat. afternoon to turn on the game and take a look at Pierre Jackson...I've tuned in to see Baylor before, always to get a closer look at Quincy Acy, and never really paid attention to Jackson before -- man was I impressed. I know this dude only goes 5'10" or so and that may hurt him come draft time, but I see a bigtime talent here. Phenomenal athlete, great penetrator, sick handle -- this guy's definitely a scoring point (which I have no problem with btw -- the more guys you can put out on the floor that can score the ball, the better if you ask me) but unlike someone like Nate Robinson (I think we're talking the same impressive level of athleticism here), Jackson clearly has more PG skills than Nate with his great on-the-money passing and superior court vision. Looks very confident, composed and unflappable out there as well. Again, 5'10" may hurt him, but there's got to be something said about a guy that has the athleticism/hops this kid has, his ability to go get whatever shot he wants at any time (and make 'em -- this guy's a clutch little player), and deliver precision passes the way he can. And if you ask me -- there's no real difference between 5'10" and 6', esp. with the athleticism and skillset this dude possesses. I was telling my buddy that I considered Phil Pressey outta Mizzou the best under 6' PG out there, but this dude looks better by a mile. Isn't getting the same amount of love as guys like Smart, Carter-Williams, Napier, etc., but he soon might. Crazy -- as of right now, Jackson's not even included in nbadraft.net's 2013 mock and I think that's insane. This guy looks like 1st round talent to me.

Very impressed with this Cory Jefferson as well. I guess he's been buried behind Acy recently but this guy's breaking out now in a big way and looks like the real deal as well. Around 6'9" 230, extremely long and like Jackson, this guy's a dynamite athlete. Plays both ends of the court...Rebounds, blocks some shots, shows a nice quick post game and he was even out on the perimeter knocking down deep jumpers as well. I see a hybrid 3/4, someone close to Hakim Warrick/Stromile Swift/Tyrus Thomas. A little John Wallace too maybe -- slightly bigger/tougher with a little more power to his game yet not quite as polished a scorer as Wallace was...yet. Again, overall very impressed.

Along with their talented young 7' freshman C Isaiah Austin (who may not even be done growing -- they're predicting this guy grows another inch or 2 and may end up closer to 7'2"-7'3" in a couple of yrs.), the Bears have more than enough talent to make a lot of noise in the tourney if they can get in (at only 18-13, they may be a bubble team right now. Surprising record considering the talent they have).

I hope the Knicks are keeping an eye on this Baylor team. Considering what we need moving forward, Jackson & Jefferson would be 2 nice gets for us in the draft this summer. We're set to have a pick somewhere in the 22-25 range -- I wonder if we could parlay that pick & cash into 2 high 2nd round selections and get both of these guys. Looks like Cleveland and Philly both have 2 2nd round picks in the 31-41 range as of right now.
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