[Preseason] Knicks @ Celtics - Camby Coming Home


Think both are a no but could bne wrong, pretty sure Camby was already ruled out of first 2 preseason games, and Stat said he could play if needed but it's just preseason so he's not going to, they are trying to break up the blood in the knee... hate to be a dick cuz I agree with the "it's just preseason lets not risk anything" thought, but dude, you banged knees, it hurts, we've all been there, but we all swore, got up and played on. I don't want him hurt, but feel these games are valuable developing chemistry in standings free settings. If he doesn't get his bitch ass in there we'll have great chemistry without Stat, then back to the old "oh now stats back how do we incorporate him without sacrificing whats been going good"


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$100 million uninsured knees... Rest up Stat. There is still so much time in preseason.

The season is a marathon not a sprint.
While I really think Stat and Melo need to be in real game situations as much as possible so they can continue to build chem.. We do have almost a week til our next pre season game. So I guess it would be best to let him sit this one out and heal up


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I hope his knee is well, Jeremy Lin had a bruised knee but with further testing he had a partially torn meniscus...

That's actually a very good point you raise -- has the team ordered any testing on Amar'e's knee yet? Anyone know? If not, maybe they should. Esp. after Lin's issue, they shouldn't just assume it's a bruise and nothing more. God forbid there is something there, say similar to Lin, best to take care of it now, no? I remember reading "bone bruise" but don't remember reading "x-rays negative" & "MRI was clean."


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Amare's out, Camby's out. White, both Smith bros, Sheed, Brewer and obviously Shump are all out for tonight's game...

21 Shump Street

Amare's out, Camby's out. White, both Smith bros, Sheed, Brewer and obviously Shump are all out for tonight's game...

I know it's only preseason and so many are sitting out across the league. But that list above is an absolute joke with the amount of injuries.


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Wanted to see Amar'e play and see if there is any noticeable difference to his game. But i guess not!

Guess ill just have to watch Kidd again.


Yep Flight White to start being reported, and guys, relax, Stat banged knees with Copeland, hurts but he'll be fine. The Lin bruised knee turning into torn meniscus is a joke, it was incorrectly reported as bruised knee (whether or not you are conspiracy theorist about the mri being day after playoff tix sales) it would be caused by a different type of thing


Here are the base-players Knicks-fans should want to see perform for 24 minutes of playingtime in the first 3 preseason games ....

1) Brewer, Ronnie
2) Copeland, Chris
3) Felton, Raymond
4) Novak, Steve
5) Prigioni, Pablo
6) Shurna, John
7) Sims, Henry
8) Smith, Chris
9) Smith, J.R.
10) Thompson, Mychel
11) White, James
12) Bellfield, Oscar

For those who are not optimistic (Now) watch HOF PG-Jason Kidds passing-skills (at age 39 in) this game .. Kidd & Stat are a matching tandem for a great season.

Woody is looking to find a decent-long-bench out of these preseason games