Randle should never wear a Knicks uniform again.

And don?t even get me started when we lose MRob for nothing this off-season.

I?m going to grab Sam Presti in a sack and bring him to MSG myself to take over our front office.


I?m already preparing that we lose Mitch for nada?. I?m just hoping they find a deal if he goes? Maybe sign and trade for Brunson.

And chance we flip Randle for Jax in MEM?
I guess it has to be asked, was that rumor about Randle asking out a complete lie? Randle says he wants to stay in New York long-term and no source has emerged to support this rumor that he asked out.


Marc Berman in NYP said the same thing, especially now that his mentor Kenny Payne is gone.

Knicks might lose both Randle and Mitch this summer. Berman suggests they?ll use Randle to get a C? We know Thibbs wants rim protection?. Turner from Indy 1 target?.

Maybe they make run at S-Bey?

MitchRob's season performance scream, "Resign, I'm a KEEPER!".

Randle's season performance yelled, "I'm not a keeper, trade me for a real NBA starter PG!".

Head coach Thibs season performance kept whispering, "I'm not a future head coach, let me retire!".