Raymond Felton Arrested over gun charges


Pretty serious charges especially the one about pointing the gun at someone. Plexico Burress served 20 months in jail for a weapons charge and Gilbert Arenas was suspended indefinitely for his gun incident so Felton may not play again for the Knicks.




not sure who turned in the guns, but if they were not caught on his person, who's to say they are his... I am sure lots more will come out, n maybe they will be tied to him, but the diff between ray n burgess... he didn't shoot himself in a nite club...

he could still be fuk'd... but maybe..just maybe not...


In case anyone hasn't been following this, looks like his wife's lawyer turned the gun into the police so Felton wasn't caught carrying it. His wife when questioned said he pointed it at her and it was probably not last night.

It's in the CBA that just because a player is arrested it doesn't warrant any action by the league (innocent until proven guilty). Arenas was suspended because he brought a gun into an NBA facility which is prohibited in the CBA.

Looks like Felton will play in the next game unless he doesn't make bail at his hearing.
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Seriously Felton? How dumb you must be to have an illegal firearm in NYC? But, on the other hand, right now it's nothing more than he said, she said. Fingerprints? Any proof it was his gun and not hers? Any proof he pointed it on her? What if she forged some evidence to get more $$$ outta Ray's pocket?


Michael Kay said the Knicks have a clause in Felton's contract that they can void it if he's found guilty...


Being an ex licensed NYS gun holder, have a gun in NYC is a no no, unless your law enforcement....feel bad for you Ray. Your wife must be a biatch, she had to know your sad ass isn't killin anyone


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There are bits and pieces in the news suggesting that this could have been avoided. Apparently the wife told Ray to get it out of the house. Ray went to his divorce lawyer requesting that the lawyer get it and the lawyer refused. The lawyer could have called the police and claim he had a client who wanted to turn in a firearm which he -- the lawyer -- would deliver to the police. He would not have to identify the client.


He made bail of 25,000. His hearing is after the season on June 2, looks to me the gun charges won't affect his playing this season. The low bail is surprising so maybe he gets no jail time if convicted.


Raymond Felton's wife's name is Ariane Raymondo-Felton. Did she change her entire last name to his full name and make him Italian or was her maiden name Raymondo?

Anyone know the answer?