Rick Berry or Calvin Murphy??

It's time for Fiz to bring in Rick or Calvin to help the team with free throw shooting. There always seen to be a disconnect between all around needs for this team. There is a need for a regular coaching staff member that can coach Big Men. There a need for a defensive minded coach on this team staff. Now there is a need for someone that can help with team free throws.
It would seen like these aspects of assembling a coaching staff was over looked by Fiz. After drafting Knox and Robinson you would have thought that a big men coach would be automatic. Now the problem with free throws.
We?re at the point where switching to shooting free throws underhanded might be the only way left to go.


Maybe bring in a shooting coach who can do both after seeing what Coach Smart did to DSJ, the guy has never shot worse. Looking at the Heat, they continue to have success developing young talent like Herro, Nunn, Robinson so Fizdale was given too much credit for being a player development coach for them.