Rondo Radar

New New York

Quiet Storm
Good News: Boston is looking to bottom out and are trying to stockpile on youth and picks and for the right price Rajon is a available

Bad News: Here's the thing, we really do not have neither

Good News: Rondo will be a free agent in 2015 when we are slated to have a ton of cap, assuming we do not do anything dumb in the next two off seasons (ie pay too much for a certain streaky SG)

Bad News: No way Boston holds on to him that long without an extension, the only thing Ainge fears is losing these guys for nothing

Good News: He's injured and his trade value is way down, last year he would've been enough to land a unprotected pick from a lottery bound team, now teams will want to see him for a full season

Bad News: he still will likely get trade just not for the value that he could have before his injury

Good News: I doubt he signs and extension with his new team thus keeping us in the running in 2015 (assuming the likely case that we are not the team he's traded to)

More Good News!: 2015 roster consists of Shump, Hardaway, Felton, Novak (damn) and 2015 first rounder. Lets set that cap at 58 million. That gives us 48 million or so.

So my point is that we have monitor him because landing him and bringing back Melo and Tyson on the cheap could be huge!!!! Melo could take as low as 13 million (remember Lebron took 14 with Miami at an earlier stage in his career) and Tyson maybe 8 million and with 27 million we can land Rondo and one more player to round out that starting 5 along with Shump, maybe Rudy Gay or Chandler Parsons? Who knows, point again is Rondo!