SHEED RETIRES: Rasheed Wallace is now retired


New York Knicks Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations and General Manager Glen Grunwald announced forward/center Rasheed Wallace has retired from playing professional basketball.

?Rasheed has given this team everything he had,? Head Coach Mike Woodson said. ?He is a winner, true professional and leader on and off the court. Due to his injury, he will not be available to play for us during the playoffs. We owe this season?s success to veterans like Rasheed.?

we will miss his presence, hope he can stay with the team with some capacity
Another open roster spot now. Who do we pickup? Is amundson signed somewhere. Or Eric dampier. Troy Murphy. Where's Shawne Williams.

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I guess that's what Sheed meant when he told the press "I need to speak to my people" when he limped out of the locker room after the Charlotte game. Spoke to Grunny and told him, I'm done I can't help the team.


That sucks....wish him the best.

I thought he was done for the year when he got hurt earlier this season so wasn't even expecting him to attempt a comeback.

His veteran presence will be missed, hopefully Camby can resurrect from his health problems and give us that extra big man to rotate with Chandler and Martin.

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i will never forget "ball dont lie" only player in NBA that allways was fight with refs and he was key player for devastation of Lakers from 2k4 finals .Since he is done he cant be on Knicks bench even as office stuff? i see Baron Davis @ MSG close to comentator desk too.