Should the Knicks Bring Back Kenyon Martin?


NYSH -- Kenyon Martin is a 36 year-old unrestricted free agent recovering from ankle surgery, when he originally suffered the injury it was only meant to sideline him for two weeks, but instead Martin missed the last four months of the regular season for the New York Knicks. Last week in Las Vegas, Martin stated he would love to remain a Knick and that he is comfortable in the Big Apple, he also added that he is “not done by any stretch of imagination”.

When on the court last season Martin was very effective but sadly that wasn’t often, as he missed 50 games due to injuries and an ailing body. Phil Jackson said in a recent interview that holes need to be filled, one of which is adding a rebounder to the roster.

New York spent their taxpayers MLE on Jason Smith which means they can only sign players to veterans minimum contracts. Kenyon Martin should be brought back by Phil Jackson and company, Martin fits the triangle offense well. The 36-year-old is an extremely gifted passer for a big man, the triangle involves a lot of passing out of the high post where Martin would be stationed.

The 14 year pro also adds rebounding, defense and the intangibles, New York currently does not have a glass eater on their roster or a big man that plays good 1-on-1 defense as well as help defense. Martin is a 6’9 power forward who can is very good on a switch, he can still keep a guard in front of him. Martin also likes to run the fast break and he is still extremely athletic, he still gets up and down the court, his vertical leap is outstanding and his speed is unmatched for someone of his age.

Perhaps Martin’s best asset at this point in his career in his leadership and presence in the locker room, out on the court he is never flustered and it’s the same story off of the court. The Knicks missed a veteran leader last season, and Martin can be that guy.

Martin’s biggest issue is his health, he missed 50 games and was 1 of many Knick players to suffer the wrath of the injury bug, New York cannot afford to log heavy minutes on Stoudemire or any players for that matter like the appalling 2013-14 season.

Kenyon Martin is a veteran presence and leader both on the and off the court, he passes well, rebounds on both ends of the court and plays good, hard-nosed defense. His only concern is constant battles with his health. If the Cincinnati product rehabs well he would be a big help to the roster on a contract of less than $1,000,000 million.


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I'd love Martin to come back. I don't know if there's a better option out there despite the past injuries. Even after those injuries he's been able to remain his youthful athleticism. I'm glad that author knows that, I have a feeling a lot of people would look past that because of his past injuries and age.


They can probably get him back on vet. min. even though I believe they have early bird rights on him being that he technically has been with the team for two seasons (1 & half)... Doubt he is looking for a pay day, but he would be a welcomed addition... He is a solid rebounder that provides some energy as a rotational player, can play both the 4 or 5... He makes more sense than either Stat or Bargnani who we are stuck with...

In the end if it cost us to waive Prigioni, and/or Ellington it has to be considered a priority... Aldrich, J. Smith & Tyler are solid role players with Tyler having the most upside of the trio... Experience, hard-nosed athlete that brings ability to the defensive side while is an attribute to the offensive side is hard to pass up...

Me personally having this roster would satisfy most:

PG - Calderon, Larkin
SG - Hardaway, Shumpert, JR Smith
SF - Anthony, Early
PF - Stoudemire,
Tyler, Martin, Bargnani
C - Dalembert, J. Smith, Aldrich

Could still keep one of these 3: Prigioni, Brown, Ellington

Unless Brass feels they want to give one of these young bucks a shot now rather than later: Murry, Antetokounmpo, J. Vanderberg, B. Triche or L. Galloway...