Shump minutes increase, Amare to stay in bench role


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Couple of bits of news from the Knicks in regards to upcoming Boston game tonight.

Shumperts minutes have been raised to around 25. Good news for us, bad news for my fantasy team with Rondo in :lol:

Amare will continue to come off the bench for the Knicks. Amare has scored double digits in his last few games and is shooting 60% from the field!

Kidd Karma

Good stuff, I think Amare's size off the bench is needed right now, with Wallace/Camby sidelined. But we're still getting killed on the boards with the 2nd unit.


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Yeah, i agree with this, Amare is starting to round into form, and he actually looks comfortable with his back to the basket.We need to hire "THE DREAM' full time, he might have added 3-5 years to Amare's career, now he just needs to realize, playing below the basket isn't all that bad.As fare as Shump, he's a baby, he's gonna heal like wolverine.:peace:


If Shump can hold down that 30 minute SG/PG spot...that'll be perfect. I want his defense in there against the top perimeter player. Kidd is a good defender, just too slow to defend the pick and roll and fast PG's.