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After the whippin from Pacers, I have somethin to say in this Blog ............

Woody Woody Woody - Melo Melo Melo
What have the TWO done to my Knicks in the last 5 games (1-4) .. from 31-15 to 32-19 record.
Red Flag
The Indiana Pacers Embarrassed us last night by out rebounding us 39-54 to beat us 91-125
The worst loss of the season
Red Flag

Do we need a trade? or do we need a plan-system for a 12 man roster?
Our defense have no protection in the paint or perimeter, we have no role-players for defensive-rebounds?
Our offense is Iso-Melo, and perimeter 3-ball shooting .. which is a poor postseason strategy.

We need imediate change in so many areas ASAP
Kurt Thomas & JR.smith should be in the starting-lineup with Felton/Melo/Tyson
We need a bench-lineup that could be on the court for 8 straight minutes to end the first qtr. and start the 2nd qtr. what we dont need is a poor-shooting and poor decision-making JR.smith in this bench lineup.
I'm sure if Woody makes a bench-lineup players Camby & Sheed will be healthy to play.
Amare coming off the bench need a bench-lineup without Tyson/Melo/and JR.smith in it.
We Knicks-Fans have to accept the majority of our roster are not happy playing 48 minutes of a ISO-Melo system .. our players are not being played to their best strength in this ISO-Melo system.

Our Bench players should be:
PG-Kidd & Prig
SG-Brewer & Shump & White
SF-Novak & Copeland
PF-Amare & Sheed
Our coach woodson never selected 6 players out of the mention bench-players above to make a bench-lineup to use for defense or offense in 51 games this season (Red Flag on headcoach).
All Woody did with all our bench-players in 51 games were play them spot minutes with the "TRIO" lineup of Tyson/Melo/and JR.smith .. our 33+ minute per game trio, who 33 minute of poor-defense has us as one of the top poorest defensive teams in the league. The trio have NO chemistry / Gellin on the defensive-end of the court. Not putting Tyson out there, but Tyson won the Defensive Player of the year from the consistent outstanding defensive-effot of Jared Jefferies/Shump/and Linsanity trio lineup (remarkable defense).

When Amare & Camby return in the same week .. automatically Kurt or Novak shouldve been put in the starting lineup. not Camby dum dum
When Shump & Felton return in the same week .. automatically JR.smith shouldve been put in the starting lineup. not Felton & Shump dum dum
What will Woody do when both Camby & Sheed return in the same week????
Woody will ask Melo how should he play Camby & Sheed in the rotation...


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A trade "ASAP"? The last letter in that acronym refers to the word "possible." As far as I am concerned, "as soon as possible" is two and a half years away. And then it will be access to free agents, not assets to trade, that might improve us.

We are not trading Melo or Chandler, and we should not. Stoudemire's skills are diminishing, his knees are vulnerable and his max contract is uninsured. We can't trade him. JR? He has a currently reasonable contract, but he is volatile. We could not get anything near his potential value to us. Shumpert is tradeable but we would be selling when his value is low. We should not give up on him. Prigioni would be valuable -- given his contract -- to some other teams, but he is a back-up. There are no difference makers for him. Novak might be better on another team, but he is a one trick pony.

Felton has his moments, but he is never much better than mediocre over any long term. His defense is terrible and his judgment often poor. Having said that, we nonetheless definitely need him.

Kidd, Camby, Sheed, and Thomas are well past their primes. White, Copeland and Brewer are end of bench players for any team In short, we have nothing to trade. We are essentially all in with what we have for this season and two more. And that is why games like last night's make me sick.


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The Knicks have enough talent, versatility, and veteran leadership that a trade shouldn't be in order. It's ****ing WEIRD.


And Stat and Felton haven't made us any better than a .500 team since coming back. I can't believe the team is counting on Sheed and Gumby coming back to make a deep playoff run. Looks like a trade is not going down so Woody has to shake up this roster instead of depending on some type of move to turn this ship around.


i had hope for Felton=>Stat but Stat is loosing ball from anyone trying his crappy Olajuwon moves which most players can simply block this man is biggest frustrator if some ref calls wrong. For me Jax was correct MELO and STAT cant play together they can play separate only both of them same position Wade vs Stat both of them "loosing their atleticims" like Barkley said but Wade can still shot and Stat still but making To's.

only way is GET BACK SHEED