Stephen A. Smith: Sixers Working on Deal with Knicks for Shumpert & Stoudemire?


Fansided - The much renowned ?First Take? program made its return to the ESPN lineup Monday morning. Among the topics discussed by Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith was a curious potential transaction between a pair of Atlantic Division foes. According to Smith, whose sources in both New York and Philadelphia have to be worth some level of legitimacy, the Knicks and 76ers have discussed a potential deal that would net Philadelphia Amare Stoudemire and Iman Shumpert.

There weren?t any details about what would be going back to New York in the deal, though one would have to assume it would be little more than a future 2nd round pick. The prime purpose of the transaction would be for the Knicks to clear more cap space as they continue to reshape the roster under the guidance of Phil Jackson.

Honestly, this move makes very little sense to me. Though the 76ers could take on the contract of Stoudemire and would be landing a fair asset in Shumpert, it seems to me that any deal that does not involve a first round pick along with a salary like Stoudemire?s isn?t what Philadelphia is looking for. The Knicks do not have a first round pick in 2015 and thus, the 76ers would have to bank on moving one or both of the two Knicks in order to land a better asset.

With the team having selected K.J. McDaniels at the top of the second round, one would hope they give the former Clemson Tiger a chance to fill a role similar to what Shumpert does with the Knicks. McDaniels has the potential to have a much more diverse offensive game than Shumpert. Here?s to hoping this is just Smith reporting the most preliminary of conversations rather than the 76ers settling for a deal that would not bring along with it a first round pick.

If there are any truths to this story above, we could potentially being headed to a monster lineup come this fall... Right now with the potential of reacquiring Melo then opening the door to possibly adding another big name free agent, who that is is anyone's guess but making us a legit contender now rather than later is intriguing...




Makes no sense for Philly unless hardaway is thrown in or we add a 3rd team and get a 1st rounder for hardaway to throw in. Then it makes sense


Source: With eye toward cap space, Jackson shopping Bargnani and Stoudemire

The Knicks Blog - Anyone who thought that Phil Jackson came to New York City to sit around and wait until July 2015 may be mistaken. According to a league source, his grandiose vision of building a contender may begin sooner than anyone ? even Carmelo Anthony ? thought possible.

On the heels of a Monday morning account from ESPN that states the Knicks have engaged the Philadelphia 76ers on a salary-dumping Amar?e Stoudemire trade, a league front office source tells and TheKnicksBlog that the Knicks have also been shopping Andrea Bargnani. Jackson, according to the source, recently rebuffed a trade offer that would have seen Bargnani and Tim Hardaway Jr. sent out in a similar cap-clearing maneuver.

Days before Tyson Chandler was traded to the Dallas Mavericks in a six-player trade that also saw the Knicks net two second round draft picks that turned into Cleanthony Early and Thanasis Antetokounmpo, Jackson turned down the proposed Bargani trade, the source says.

According to the source, Jackson believes that he can find a taker for Bargnani and his salary without sacrificing Hardaway Jr., despite the fact that Bargnani has appeared in just 118 games over the past three seasons. Bargnani has one year and $11.5 million remaining on his current contract.

As it stands, Jackson is believed to not only be actively shopping Stoudemire, but Bargnani, as well.
The end game, according to the source, is jettisoning their combined $34.9 million salaries off of the Knicks? 2014-15 ledger, potentially making the Knicks a late entrant into this summer?s free agency marketplace.

Parting the Red Sea would probably be an easier endeavor, but if Jackson were able to move both Bargnani and Stoudemire without taking back and salaries and opted to walk away from Jeremy Tyler, Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown, Toure? Murry, Kenyon Martin and Cole Aldrich ? all of whom are either free agents or subjected to team options ? the Knicks could find themselves somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 million under the NBA?s projected 2014-15 salary cap of $63 million.

The Knicks would be woefully thin up front, but the team would have enough money under the cap to both re-sign Anthony and then scour the free agent market for some additional help. According to the source, that is Jackson?s ?Plan A? for this summer, and it is believed to have been a part of his pitch to Anthony, who, according to multiple reports, was reluctant to re-sign with the Knicks without some assurance that the team would be able to field an upgraded roster around him for the 2014-15 season.

With players officially able to sign contracts on July 10, any such deal for Stoudemire and/or Bargnani would need to happen quickly. However, as of Monday, a number of impact free agents remained on the market. The list includes LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Pau Gasol, Luol Deng, Chandler Parsons, Lance Stephenson, Trevor Ariza, Caron Butler, Evan Turner, Andray Blatche, Shawn Marion, Rashard Lewis and Marvin Williams.

At this time, it is not clear whether or not the Knicks have decisive interest in any of the aforementioned players, but with the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls among the teams that have entered this offseason with the ability to create significant cap space, a league source tells and TheKnicksBlog that Jackson?s goal is to emerge as a late entrant as a player, as well.
No brainer for PJ to be shopping Stat and Bargnani's expiring contracts if there is another star player that has shown genuine interest in signing with us, but if there is not, then us giving away young players and future draft picks seems crazy rather than just waiting out the next year. Hard to believe that the desire to appease and resign Melo may lead us to gutting the team a 2nd time.
Also, as unlikely as I think this trade is to happen, watch Shump go to Philly and turn into Iguodala 2.0 for them.


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I think this story is legimitate because Philley has wanted Stat for a few years and rumors about Stat have always been linked to two places (His hometown Orlando and Philley). Philadelphia was terrible last season and likes to acquire draft picks that won't play until they are healthy so they probably don't care about Amare's injury history. A healthy Amare with Michael Carter- WIlliams might win 10 more games this season for Philley. Add in a healthy Nerlens Noel and who knows maybe in the bad eastern conference they can win an 8th seed at best.

With Shumpert they have someone that they will over play.

What can we get back?

I think the highest contracts that would match would be Thaddeus Young and Jason Richardson but I really don't know and the espn trade machine isn't working today :(
say if it is true, who is the intended target???

Pau Gasol???
Lebron James???

In a time period where even the slightest whiff of rumor gains traction about large market teams, I refuse to believe we're in any kind of running for Lebron, because otherwise that would be dominating the Lebron news instead of the Cleveland storylines. I do believe we could nab Pau Gasol if we could offer him a competitive contract, which if we clear Stat's money would leave us more than enough space to do just that. Still seems very unlikely to me.


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They would have to dump Amare and Bargnani to Land Lebron and Melo...nearly impossible for this year.

If Lebron was available next year then we could probably look very appealing to him with a signed Melo and cap space.

This is probably to just free up space and change the culture


They would have to dump Amare and Bargnani to Land Lebron and Melo...nearly impossible for this year.

If Lebron was available next year then we could probably look very appealing to him with a signed Melo and cap space.

This is probably to just free up space and change the culture

Knicks = $65,472,771 current cap charge for 2014-15

removing Stoudemire's $23,410,988 ($42,061,783 cap after removal) would give us enough space to offer Lebron's projection of $20.7 M ($62,761,783 cap after signing) in the first year of a max deal... Minus Shumpert's $2,616,975 from the cap would give us around $2.75 M under the cap allowing us to use with the Full MLE, Mini MLE to add other free agents as supporting cast...

if we do indeed to remove Bargnani we could then also acquire Pau Gasol for anywhere between $10 - 12 M in the first year...

I don't know what P.J. intends to do, but if there is clear intent to get Lebron they don't have to worry about signing Melo thereafter to a max deal as we do own his Bird Rights, just saying all the cards are not on the table and we could have the ultimate roster...

Anything is possible but the ladder is unlikely but what if this is the projection or angle of Zen Master's madness...


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Today on the show with Rucco he clarified this story by saying....

"The teams aren't talking but that Philly via source stated to him they would take back Amar'e Stoudemire if the Knicks would be willing to throw in Shumpert, plus a couple extras"

Thinking that Thaddeus Young becomes a part of the deal.


Teams talk about a lot of deals, the Rox are talking to them about taking Lin and sending no salary back if a deal is attractive enough for them. Taking Stats 23M deal would require taking Young's contract which runs 1 year longer than Stats and some other assets. Since we don't have many picks I don't think Shump is enough to get this done esp with a division rival.


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Lol that would be just the Knicks luck. Doubt Shump ever becomes as good as Iggy, his arms aren't long enough. :)

What Knick player that has left this team....blew up elsewhere from the talent level they were at when they left the team?

Ariza is the only player I can think of.

There isn't another player who's been appreciably better elsewhere since leaving here. Why do fans develop this mentality but as soon as the youth leaves, they become a forgotten memory?

Chumpert may be the most overrated young player we've had this side of the 21rst Century. With that said no deal gets done. Stephen A is lobbying on behalf of special interests nothing more. As we can see what transpired today he's not plugged in at times you would assume, and you have to decipher quickly when he's at the podium speaking.

Is he speaking realness or hotmess?


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Dump the dead weight Phil and get us Lebron. Melo/Lebron would be the most exciting duo in Metropolis since the Pearl and Walt. Get it done Phil...get it done. I smell the big payback for Pat Riley's betrayal back in the day. Get em Big Chief Triangle:)
Ugh, just read a blurb online from the New York Post that says while the dream for PJ is to dump both Stat and Bargnani's contracts to free up another max spot during this offseason, he might not want to part with Bargnani because he is a good fit for the triangle and might step up his game during a contract year. I'm all for boosting Bargnani's value to trade him mid season, but if next offseason we are talking about re-signing him, regardless of how he plays this year, I will be horrified.


I would take this with a grain of Salt, SAS always says the knicks are going to trade Shump. Its damn near his catchphrase at this point.

Yeah, I saw this today, too, but if we don't want to give Philly either Shump or THJ, then I don't see why they would do this deal. This free agency period is currently without any clear reference for what is going to happen and what is pure fantasy. Either Lebron. Melo, Bosh, or at the very least, Pau Gasol, is going to have to make a move before anything seems real to me at this point