The Best Suggestion:

Saw this suggestion by some sport writer. He said that "Mills should be made to coach the team". I think that is a great thing to do but I would add one other thing. Make it Mills & Perry to coach until the end of the season. Then fire both in a public new conference.

Since their days are numbered lets now think about who to replace them. My picks as most of you know is Magic Johnson, Phil and Gaines. Build the team from within and let them know that those that produce will be rewarded. Find players that are fundamentally strong they may not be stars but the how pass, dribble, rebound, box out and has a mid- range jumper.

BTW, I have heard a lot of talk about rebuilding. We have the core players that can make us a decent team maybe good team. Randle, Ellington, Bobby P. and RJ are gone if I'm in charge. Randle would be difficult but if package with RJ(hype included) then it possible.