The Lebron effect


Does it make anyone else here sick that basically anywhere Lebron goes he ends up sucking up other free agents and even forces trades to build all star teams? Now Cleveland has love and they aren't done yet. This is the only reason I dislike the nba aside from 3 or 4 teams nobody can win a chip. These player orchestrated super teams need to stop or the quality of the league will just get worse


Can't hate on Lebron for that. Weren't the Knicks trying to do the same by signing Amare and Melo on the theory that with 2 stars you could attract a third star and role players willing to sign for the min to battle for a ring.

I also thought Lebron's switch to the Cavs was great for the league. What a great story, star player returning home to his blue collar roots, shunning the glamor and glitz of Miami to bring a championship to the state of Ohio.


I like the idea of the Cavs letting Lebron recruit Miller/Jones, but i doubt Lebron recruited a no-defense 35 minute stat-fuller Kevin Love. Varegao will have to put in a lot of over-time in the up-coming season for the Cavs to get close to the ECF.
This trade puts Lebron back into the same situation he was in the season Lebron left the Cavs.
The Cavs having the best winning regular season record, but NO-STOPS vs the big-team in the postseason. LMAO

Kevin Love has been the top number-one media-HYPE at the start of the offseason.
There's not one player or team that receive more public media attention than Kevin Love in this offseason.
As soon as the offseason started Kevin Love were rumored to go to every contender team in the NBA.

The Cavs are going to regret giving up Pippin (Wiggins), and Grant (Bennett), plus next year first round pick.
The Wolves Team gave coach Adeleman 90% last season, I dont see the Wolves team giving Flip Saunders the same.

If Knicks coach Fisher push the right buttons with our Frontcourt & Backcourt players in the regular season, the Knicks wont have a problem beating the Cavs in the postseason games.


I actually agree with Kiyaman (OMG) in that I really like Wiggins and think the Cavs are going to regret losing his defense.

The Cavs are going to have to average 120 points a game to be a contender.