The New CBA rules has the Knicks screwed.


I copied and paste this, I wrote some of my comments inside, interesting read.

"A lot has been said and written lately about the new CBA, with the Mavericks decision to let Tyson Chandler walk serving as a primary topic of discussion.

The 1st thing to understand is the 2013-2014 season will be when the **** begins to hit the fan for teams who are above the tax threshold. With that in mind, let's take a look at what teams are committed to what in that season, and who they are committed to.

Forgive me if some of these numbers aren't perfect, but from what I have gathered, they ought to be pretty close, at least for the teams that matter.

Miami - $75.8MM (James, Wade, Bosh, Miller, Haslem, Anthony, Battier, Jones)

Lakers - $61.5MM (Bryant, Gasol, Artest, Blake)

Memphis - $58.5MM (Randolph, Gay, Gasol, Conley)

Chicago - $57.3MM (Rose, Boozer, Deng, Noah)

*New York - $57.2MM (Chandler, Stoudamire, Anthony)

OKC - $48.4MM (Durant, Perkins, Westbrook, Sefolosha, Collison)

GS - $48.1MM (Bogut, Lee, Jefferson, Biedrins)

Dallas - $41.1MM (Dirk, Marion, Haywood)

Atlanta - $41MM (Johnson, Horford, Williams)

Detroit - $34.8MM (Gordon, Stuckey, Villanueva)

Denver - $32.7MM (Afflalo, Harrington, Birdman, Gallinari, Koufos)

*Orlando - $31.5MM (Hedu, Davis, J. Richardson, Duhon, Q. Richardson)

Phoenix - $30.5MM (Gortat, Childress, Frye, Warrick, Dudley)

Boston - $27.3MM (Pierce, Rondo)

NO - $24.8MM (Okafor, Ariza, Smith)

Minny - $24.6MM (Love, JJB, Lee, Ridnour)

Philly - $24.5MM (Iggy, Young)

Sac - $24.5MM (Salmons, Thornton, Hayes, Outlaw)

Milwaukee - $22.3MM (Ellis, Gooden, Mbah a Moute)

Toronto - $22.1MM (Bargnani, Johnson, Kleiza)

*Portland- $21MM (Aldridge, Matthews)

Washington - $20.8MM (Nene, Blatch)

Clippers - $19MM (Jordan, Butler)

SA - $16.5MM (Parker, Bonner)

Houston - $16.4MM (Scola, Lowry)

Indiana - $14MM (Granger)

Cleveland - $9.1MM (Varejao)

Charlotte - $8.7MM (Thomas)

Utah - $0

*NJ - $0

*Portland used its amnesty on Brandon Roy and will still pay him $17.8MM in 2014

*NJ used its amnesty on Travis Outlaw and will still pay him $4MM in 2014

*Orlando used its amnesty on Gilbert Arenas and will still psy him $22.3MM in 2014

*New York used its amnesty on Chauncey Billups and will pay him $0 in 2014

Next up is to understand why the game changes substantially in the 2013-2014. That's when the new luxury tax penalties, and the repeater tax come into effect.

For now, you are taxed at the old rate of $1 per $1 over the luxury threshold. Starting in 2014, the penatlies are:

$1.50 for the first $5MM

$1.75 for the 2nd $5MM

$2.50 for the 3rd $5MM

$3.25 For the 4th $5MM

And so on

The repeater tax tacks on an additional $1 per $1 over for any team above the threshold in 3 years out of a 4 year period. That's why the Odom bust was a double whammy for Dallas. They went over the tax line to get him, and used up one of their tax years.

The current cap amount is about $58MM with a luxury tax threshold of about $70MM. It's impossible to know what it will be next season, but it will not be much higher than this season, if it is higher at all. With the players getting less of the BRI in the new deal, the cap isn't going to grow as much year over year.

So let's use the $58MM and $70MM as starting points and look at who is in deep doodoo and is going to be desperate to move salary or pay a hefty price.

Miami - As it stands today, Miami would be about $5.8MM over the threshold, meaning they would pay an extra $14,7MM in taxes, assuming they are paying the repeater tax. They have $57MM tied up in Wade, James and Bosh alone. You can bet your bottom dollar that they are going to move one of those guys.

Lakers - You already saw them dumping salary by moving Lamar Odom for nothing. They have $50MM tied up in just Kobe and Gasol for 2014. Kobe will be making $30MM alone. They don't have Bynum locked up, and I can't envision them keeping that Big 3 together unless they are ready to pay some serious tax.

New York - They are beyond screwed, They have $57MM tied up in Chandler, Amare and Melo and have already used their amnesty provision. That's going to be their team going forward.....

Orlando - Factor in the $22MM they will be paying Arenas and they are already at a payroll of $54MM to a bunch of scrubs. I'm not sure they can afford to sign Howard even if they want to.

OKC - They are not screwed by any means when they have KD and Westbrook locked up long term, but it is pretty clear that they can't keep both Ibaka and Harden.

Clearly you are going to start seeing teams move guys to teams with cap room just in salary dumps, and there will be a bunch of amnesty players coming up in the next 12 months. You can do it once and once only during the CBA, and that contract does not count against your cap or the tax, but you still have to pay the guy.

The decision for New York to amnesty Billups in order to sign Chandler was absurd since he was in the last year of his deal. The Amare deal is awful; he's an injury prone big man whos a poor defender and rebounder, and with the new penalties, it is going to be much harder to rid yourself of bad contracts. Teams are just going to be much less willing to pay the steep penalties. You also cannot restructure contracts to backload salary. It's not allowed under the new rules.


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I believe we can re-sign Fields without being penalized since he just finished up his rookie contract...not sure exactly how it works, LJ4ptplay where u at? We probably will re-sign Fields but i hope hes traded right after

This is why i think we almost have to trade Stat though, otherwise we won't have the deepest more Mobb Deep


Listen with

Fields as 6th man....

we are off to a good start

Will Lin ever regain Linsanity?

Will Shump ever been the same after being out for long with the injury?

Will Melo come into the 12-13 season in shape?

Will Stat earn his contract and play better on defense and the boards?

Can Tyson top his defensive player of the year season?

Can Fields do anything on a basketball court besides rebound and cut to the basket?

Overall, we're a good team, not elite.,

We have to us our opportunity because the new CBA rules work against us, not for us.

I hope you guys understand.


Im willing to take Fields back. He may suck but he's a high energy player worthy on bench mins. As long as it does not bother the cap space. Just don't have him starting put him as Melo's Back up so he can play his natural position.

Last season he worked on his screens and rotation this season he needs to work on his jumper.

Lets face it going into free agency we are not going to have the luxury to be picky on who we keep and who we sign. We need to play it smart


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You also cannot restructure contracts to backload salary. It's not allowed under the new rules.

I read somewhere that contracts signed before the new CBA can be restructured.. and only contracts that were signed after (ex. Tyson Chandler) cannot.

Correct me if im wrong...


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Player contracts can be renegotiated downward in extensions, as long as the player?s salary does not decrease by more than 40 percent. Previously, renegotiations could only increase a player?s salary. This could provide another key avenue for teams to maintain roster flexibility and add players with space created by restructuring existing contracts, similar to the NFL.

Grunwald better take a couple $$MIL of STAT's contract or threaten to send him to the Bobcats..:thumbsup:



I think In order to restructure a STAT or Melo you'd have to extend the contract.

ie: Stat owed 65 mil over next 3 yrs. AT roughly avg. of 21.5mil per yr.

In order to lower his salary you have to pay him an extra yr.

ie: Stat owed 65mil over next 4 yrs. at roughly 16mil per.

I'll have to re-read the article , it's been a few months, but there are other restictions on the salary restructure process.