Throw out your non-well thought out ideas here


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I have no energy to think with this team, much like this team's direction. Maybe we'll find something good out of this.

What's your ideas?


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Blame the individual (Woodson) or the organization, but when people make mistakes it seam logical to remove them from that position. Have people made mistakes in putting this team together? Absofu*kinglutely, but the real problem is the system. It's easier to get rid of the head than the body. As Padma would say. Woody pls pack your **** and go.


Harden misses a few games and Houston doesn't miss a beat....Good teams win even when not 100%....Yeah, maybe they don't advance in the playoffs but they still get their wins. We lose Tyson and all of a sudden we can't win any games....I realize the Blazers have a killer team but i feel we'd have a hard time with the Jazz


Trade Everyone for expiring deals, decide on a strategy for the team then sign the free agents to fit the system. I think this team is just a mix of players who are good on paper but together they don't fit into a cohesive system. Realistically though, I don't have a clue!


Fire Woodson, trade Felton, find the way to bring Rondo. Melo wants to play with him. I think its easier said than done but it would make us top 3 team in the east.


we're missing too many defensive players and it shows in the details....ex: with Melo and Bargs on the floor together we're allowing 108 pts a game...Bargs is too slow to defend. He can block a few shots, he just gets abused with agile players....the defensive switching stinks too with our players and without know