Tim Legler abt Knicks


He says Celtcs will be ready Doc is prepared his team and they wana steal game 1

Legler points :

high % shots mainly from Green

stop Knicks 3s

T.O Knick

No Rondo no chance, it's just that simple.

So cute how Celtic nut huggers just want to ignore the absence of bar none their best player over the last 4 years.


All Star
Even the Chuckster picked us. Gone fishing hats are already out. Seeya C's....I hoping Metro will come up with a couple of his classic KO.COM game threads vs the bumston smelldicks lol:)


my only wish in this series is one blow out game but this game will be victory 4 but in which city :) 4sure this 4 victory from Knicks side

like Stephen A says we suffered enough

New New York

Quiet Storm
I share you guy's feelings but I hope our team doesn't

We play hungry all series then we can be done in as fast as 5, sure. We think we for this in the bag and we'll be fighting from behind and we'll have to win a game in Boston to extend the series!!!

Go after them like we have something to prove like we did each game we played and I know we got this

T.O Knick

Depends on the refs.

If the refs call this legit, it's Knicks in five but....we all know NBA refs, basically akin to the WWE. NBA is one league with no shame will go all out to ensure all series go at least 6 games, Knicks vs Celtics is a ratings monster. Again if legit Knicks in a cake walk but knowing shameless NBA I'll say Knicks in 7.