Tom Thibodeau Wins 2020-21 NBA Coach of the Year

Wow, huge win for Thibs!

I?m shocked. I thought Monty Williams would win for sure, but in the end, looking at rosters and preseason expectations vs season outcome, voters thought Thibs deserved it more.

Congrats to Coach Thibodeau! Hard to believe a Knicks coach actually got this award.
Voting was extremely close. Monty Williams got a couple more 1st place votes but Thibs got 10 more 2nd place votes and won on overall voting points.
Thibs going to be around a loooooong time. First guy he credited was Dolan for providing all the resources they needed.


Wow! Congrats! Randle and RJ were 1/2 in minutes played but this was a shucking turnaround. Well deserved


Hold-on .. This is hard to chew with all 32 ....
I'm a die hard Knicks Fan of HOF Red Holzman's defense makes the best offense.
Thibs did an outstanding job throughout a Covid-19 season of empty seated stadiums, when the fans came back to fill up the seats in the stadiums, and the crowd became part of the game .. Thibs went 1-4 having 5 consistent awful games from tip-off.

Monty Williams Phoenix Suns wins 51 games in a 72 game season, plus knocks out Lebron's championship Lakers in the first-round of the playoff!
The Knicks had a sorry postseason from poor coaching/substitution from Thibs.
I guess the postseason games doesn't count any more to win the coach of the year award ....
Beside Monty Williams, their were other candidates much worthy of the award .. Snyder, Malone, Nash, Doc Rivers, Carlise, and even Nate McMillian did a much better job coaching same-page chemistry in their rotation than Thibs .... Conspiracy at its highest !!!


Congrats to Thibs for winning COY but I would rather Monty Williams won it and the Knicks were playing the Sixers in the second round and possibly beyond. Maybe Rose and Perry win some awards for assembling an elite team next year, the roster should see plenty of changes next year with all the expiring contracts and cap space the Knicks have.

The Dragon

It is pretty nice that we are at this time of the year and we are not fighting over which is the best draft prospect for us since we lost the lottery.....