Toure Murry @ Raptors Highlights + Anti Rant


Crazy these thread are really pointes. We all know that Woodson will be keeping JR & Felton coz he have same barin as Daontoni simply both of them see diffrent players in them. Woodson calls Felton a fighter but that figher is ballhogger and To's freak while JR is complete freak which is just dribbling and dribbling he is not team player

Right now Woodson is complete out of options as this team plays absolutely no D

can u remememr this ?

how do u wana win games if some1 like him is playing over 25 minutes right now and playing with ballhoggers which are completely waisting each posessions with dribbling and when clock is 7-5 is deciding to pass or shoot air

This is all bout Woodson.

Now i see this


We need PG real PG with brain not a hogger.