Tyson might be out for game 1


MIke woodson just said that there is a strong possibility tyson will be out game 1. Sat out practice today with flu-like symptoms. . . great smh
oh lawd not now, will somebody shove a bowl of chicken soup up his ass. smh

He better play. I remember Jordan whooping us when he had the flu, so hopefully a teammate will show him that footage while he's sipping on his tea and soup.


I hate flu.

Any symptom of flu shows up, I can take pills (all kinds) up to 7 times a day. I know it's not healthy, but it works.


Scoring Champ
Great strategy, Tyson has to play, flu or not hell cough on LeBron so he can catch that shit
No chance Tyson sits this one out.

If Carl Banks can play with a dislocated wrist and Mark Bavaro can play with a broken jaw, Tyson will definitely play with the flu. Jordan did it.

Tyson is our greatest warrior, it probably takes a broken leg to keep him out of a Playoff game....


I hope he can play.....? Other people have played the best game of their lives sick!!!!:thumbsup:

I say if Chandler plays We Win!!!!! If not we still might.

Flossy out...:peace: