What players would you pay to see play


I was watching a Rockets Twolves game and Jim Petersen who is the play by play guy for the TWolves and a former player mentioned he wouldn?t pay to see James Harden play because he didn?t think that Harden?s style of play was how the game should be played, meaning b-ball is a team game and Iso ball isn?t enjoyable, his partner also said Hardens game wasn?t aesthetics but effective with the points he puts up. Funny though, Petersen likes Russ even though he himself is a high usage player accused of stat stuffing but Petersen likes him for his hustle and that breakneck pace he plays at.

I have to disagree because Harden is my favorite player to watch for all his offensive skill sets, love to see him put on his dribbling display trying to break a guys ankles when he makes his move, love how he attacks the rim, his 30 ft 3s, love those alley oop passes he tosses up and his overall passing. Guy is a one man show, like watching the Harlem Globetrotters I?d say, pure entertainment when he?s holding the ball.

Other guys I like are Lebron, for obvious reasons. KAT for his overall game for a big man, he can post his man up but also can hit the 3, good handle for a big man. Tre Young who I have mentioned I would pay to see him, Luka also.

Who would you guys pay to see play?