Who do you like for the Knicks in the 2022 NBA Draft ???


Let's assume Knicks dont trade down to become a top 4 and every team keeps their slot designation.
Knicks at 11 or 12th pick (Pelicans made playoffs).
I am assuming 1-5 will be some variation of Chet, Jabari, Ivey, Paolo B, and most likely Sharpe? After that it's give or take kind of up in the air?

Who are the players you'd rather have the Knicks avoid and who are your top choices that would most likely fall in the lottery 6-15th pick range?

My players to avoid: Ty, Griffin (injury), Mark Williams.

I don't know enough about Jalen Duren and would probably add him to the Avoid list because of down stream effects on team (they'd be forced to do SOMETHING with Mitch, Noel) but maybe the team knows this and would consider Duren but I just don't know. I'd rather re-sign MitchRob, and have Sims as his backup, rather then wait 2 to 4 years for Duren to get up to speed.

Same with Keegan - doubt he lasts and I don't know where we would get minutes for him having Thibs favoritism Randle, and having fan favorite Obi Toppin.
I Definitely wouldn't Avoid him but doubt he is there at 11.
Same with Johnny Davis - I don't know enough about him, but minutes would be little to none having Knicks FO favoritism to RJ Barretts 35 to 40 min, plus Burks, Grimes, Fournier, and Cam begging for minutes.

The Top player who maybe gone at the 11 pick ....
Bennedict Mathurin - dynamic SG/SF.

High end role player picks :
Dyson Daniels - defender, passer.
Could become a secondary PG challenging McBride, his shooting not there but floater is very decent. Plus good perimeter defender on guards & SF.
Jeremy Sochan
Tari Eason
Malaki Branham


I don?t know Adam from Steve in this draft? top 4 a lock? next group is 5-15 or so? then everybody else.

I would like to walk away with Love tho from UNC with our second pick.

About 10% odds to jump into top 4. I?m rooting for a lottery blessing. Even if we only land 4!


Rose is already tempering expectations?.

There?s no wiggle room with cap space unless they deal Kemba, Evan, AB, and/or Noel.

Utah keeping DM, won?t deal to NYK, and package too exorbitant.

They won?t deal for Dame, Beal, KAT, or Booker.

Even Brunson might have priced himself out of their price range.

Get ready for Tyus Jones and our lottery pick, and maybe we get something in a sign and trade for MRob? maybe they deal Randle or Toppin.

Sounds like they go with youth this year and wait until they have cap space again next summer,


Did the Knicks sign a new top assistant coach before the draft?
The Knicks first/second/third Priority this offseason are getting two PG !!!

Are Ty Washington the best PG ???

Got a question:
Even if they get lest say 2 PG as you said, does the offense scheme need to change first??

If all you do is ask the PG to bring the ball over half court then pass it to Randle or RJ.

How can an effective PG move to the offense base on what he seeing and what he may have seen in the defense??

The problem is deeper than a PG. I wonder how long did Peyton laugh when the Knicks didn?t make the playoff. Not to mention Frank.


The Knicks rookie and young-core player program, and coaching-staff STINKS when it come to the growth of Knicks young players. This has been going on to long in a professional basketball organization. It's like a farmer without any fertilizer !!!

Does the Knicks have to trade a couple of contracts in the offseason ???
If this video draft pick come out, and fall low to the Knicks ....

Yes, there's a player (6.6 SG/SF Bennedict Mathurin) in the 2022 NBA draft that's NBA-Ready .. having his own creative moves & co-existing talent to fit good in a NBA rotation his rookies season to replace the roles of fellow Knicks players Fournier, or Barrett, or Burks, or Cam, and Grimes performance in a lineup.

The Knicks biggest problem in the 2021-22 season were having the 5 SF players mention above who play the same position on the court, and are skeptical n inconsistent when they play the guard position.
And all 5 SF players couldn't co-exist with each other in a lineup together (Burks, Barrett, Fournier) throughout the season vs the leagues worst offense/defense teams.
We end up with the 11th pick in the lottery, which was far and away the pick we were most likely to get.

For what it?s worth, we had a greater statistical chance to fall to 12th pick or later than we did to move up to top 4, so 11th pick is fine.

Orlando gets #1 overall pick.
No Transformative players that I can see in this draft. Jaden is out of reach unless L. Rose can pull a rabbit out of his hat.


A win for NY! They didn?t fall.

I thought Silver wanted to prevent tanking and tinkered with the lottery to discourage tanking?

That was BS. Knicks finally had worst record in a year with 2 franchise game changers, but NBA needed to save NO so they made BS excuse To save Pelicans?

Notice tanking and verticality entered NBA lexicon and only negatively impacted 1 franchise -- which happens to be first according to Forbes and run by idiot Dolan... NBA does them no favors.

Remember the MIA-Ward incident?


Top 3

All 3 tanked the entire season. They made sure they went into season with zero vets. Traded all (even) serviceable NBA players.

OKC leaping up the most predictable part of the evening. Having DET and Indiana fall is a good thing.

In the NBA, it?s not just being bad bad it?s more being lucky to be bad the year transformative dudes are coming out?


So, it was just to wrest Zion and Ja away from Dolan/NY? the season Knicks had worse record?. That?s the year we will fix draft, and have the worst team lose out, under guise it will ?scare? teams? but every other year?. NBA rewards blatant tanking.

Knicks didn?t tank? KP was injured right? It made no sense to go all in that year. It?s was SA did year David Robertson was hurt, and it got them Duncan. Knicks also didn?t want to commit long term and impact cap. It was a smart move, not to sign a bunch of guys (did it work this season). And when do free agents ever want NY anyway? Knicks were robbed of Ja (bc son of former GM and long term Dolan minion said his dad preferred Ja). Robbed of Zion?

ORL and OKC and HOU signed who? Tell me how they tried to build a competitive roster this year? Where?s the tanking talk?


Well .. The Knicks got the 11th & 42 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft !!!

What do the Knicks need from the draft?
PG? SG? SF? PF? C?
Who's gonna be the two picks?
Should the Knicks trade the picks on draft night?

The Knicks must, or have to trade Burks or Fournier, or RJ Barrett, for reason of not being able to co-exist in a lineup together. The trio had no chemistry together on either side of the court night after night in the starter lineup.
Sorry Knick Fans, but one or two of the players mention above contracts must be traded in the offseason !!!


Sounds like PG from Kentucky (TyTy) or G-League are options; hi upside Euro (French) Dieng is rising fast?

Wing Mathurin from AZ or combo guard Johnny Davis?. Duran or Williams at C?

Would they deal pick? Trade back? Trade up?


CHICAGO ? Call it a ?sneaky hire.?

In moving to replace college scouts Walker Russell and Kristian Petesic, the Knicks added two talent evaluators without making an announcement.

Petesic, a favorite of Phil Jackson, was let go and has resurfaced at Mike Miller?s agency as a scouting director. Miller reps projected top-3 pick Paolo Banchero (Duke).

The Post reported Thursday former Heat rival and 2022 Hall of Famer Tim Hardaway being one of the hires.

According to an NBA source, the other hire by Knicks president Leon Rose was an out-of-the-box addition in Vince Baldwin ? a longtime Nike talent scout who has extensive contacts across his years in the high school and college ranks.

Baldwin also is close with Knicks senior executive William Wesley, who worked unofficially for Rose at Creative Artists Agency helping get Rose?s clients shoe deals. While in the shadows, Wesley reportedly aligned himself with Nike but wasn?t on the payroll.

Baldwin and Hardaway were both at this week?s Chicago Draft Combine ? Baldwin proudly wearing a black shirt with a Knicks logo. Hardaway, who warred with the Knicks during the 1990s, has yet to be seen in Knicks gear.



The Knicks 2022 offseason will be Scary Scary Scary. Why?
After the Knicks FO decision making in the 2021 offseason where the Knicks were a .570 team, to become a .450 team throughout the 2021-22 NBA season.
The Knicks had the worst starter lineup in the NBA!
Last year Knicks three draft picks gets a B+ Grade on Defense.

The Knicks COY Thibs 2021-22 performance toward the young-core players showed many reasons why Thibs will be FIRED soon (asap).
Never being a creative coach to tandem PG Kemba's offense with rookie PG McBride defense in a lineup.
Or playing Taj Gibson in his original position at PF alongside center MitchRob or rookie Sims.


The 2021-22 Knicks 15 man roster

PG D.Rose, Kemba, McBride
SG Quickly (The New NBA prefers Combo-Guards at the SG position).
SF Barrett, Burks, Fournier, Cam, Grimes
PF Randle, Taj Gibson, Obi
C- MitchRob, Noel. Sims

Which position the Knicks need to Draft?
How many players should the Knicks trade in offseason?
And what are their names?

There are a couple of SF wings in the 2022 Draft Class that are decent Point-Forwards!
Just like ROY Scottie Barnes !!!


NYK eying Jaden Ivey in draft. CAA connection?

He?s a top 5 pick?

Sign and trade with DET for MRob, flipping. 5 for 11 plus other stuff?


NYK eying Jaden Ivey in draft. CAA connection?

He?s a top 5 pick?

Sign and trade with DET for MRob, flipping. 5 for 11 plus other stuff?

Jaden Ivey would be a great Knicks pick if we trade Randle to the Kings for their 4th pick plus Davon Mitchell ....

The Knicks only have one winning position out of the 5 position in their rotation.
And that's the center position having MitchRob, Taj Gibson, and Sims.

Not resigning or trading MitchRob will be a BIG-BIG mistake for the Knicks rotation, and the Knicks franchise.
MitchRob's talent/skills are on the same level as Jarrett Allen and Deandre Ayton who has been playing with a star playmaker PG in their lineup.
When MitchRob had to deal with turnover PG Randle the past 3 seasons.

Today, a lot of NBA Fans ROY Evan Mobley (Olyjuwon/Duncan talent) has showed signs of becoming the monster in the paint during his rookie performance.
Mobley will become a top 3 NBA center before the ending of his rookie contract.
Next season the Cleveland Cavs 3 Big-men (Love Jarrett Mobley), and Garland distribution will be a dominating force for a 50 win season.
How will the Knicks defend the Cavs Big-men rotation next season without MitchRob ???


I?m hoping Leon sends Randle and the 11th pick to SAC for salary dumps and 4th pick.

SAC gets their PF to compliment Fox and Sabonis. They have better use of cap and can sign more help.

SAC has their PG, so with DM also in the mix, Ivey not needed.

They went that route when they drafted TH and quickly scrapped that plan, so why would they repeat it with Ivey?

This draft is 1-4 and then 5-23 or something, meaning the prospect at 5 same level as prospect at 11

So, if Ivey doesn?t go top 3, look for Knicks or another team to jump up and make deal with Kings


The future!

I don?t care who it is really, whichever of the top 4 fall?go get!
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