Who is going to make the Open Game Night Thread vs Bucks? I elect ......


Kaya dont know how to make a Game Night Thread, now that we got that out of the way.

Our "Opener Game Thread should go to "Metro", if he accept.
I would like to see our Wednesday "Opener Game Night Thread in MSG" put up some time on Monday,
this way all KO members could add their opinion on the game and upcoming season by Wednesday

Being we have a Back to Back (30th & 31st Oct.) Bucks @ MSG, and Knicks @ Chi-town ....
I elect "Knicksince 93" to make the Game Thread for the Knicks @ Bulls game on Wednesday, if he accept.
Knicksince 93 .... all u have to do is get in contact with "Crazy 8" for a few pointers an u b aiite.

My reason for electing Metro & Knicksince 93, the two have kept KO offseason Flowing.
Two Thumbs up .. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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