Why is ball movement always the reason the Knicks lose?


Scoring Champ
I just have no clue how guys can watch a game and see a team that cant score at all drop 102 on our homecourt and feel the only issue is ball movement, we scored 95 points and would have scored more if we got some calls but the issue here is ball movement, not defense, not rebounding, no hustler or effort, no its ****ing ball movement.

Ball movement wont stop the Pacers from scoring, ball movement wont help us rebound, ball movement wont make us play harder. The ball has been moving the same way it has all season, the difference, Indiana and Boston have stayed home on the shooters, they're making us beat them one on one. So how do we adjust to that, the pick n roll.

Felton-Chandler pick n roll with shooters spread out
Prigioni-Chandler pick n roll with shooters spread out
Felton-Anthony pick n pop
Anthony-Chandler pick n roll to get Melo room to attack
JR-Chandler pick n roll

Dont forget STAT coming in and making it work as well. Add in some cuts off the ball with some screens for shooters but please stop ****ing blaming ball movement for every loss, we've played this way all year whether you think so or not