Would you boo or cheer Melo at MSG tomorrow?


Porzingis said we should cheer for him. Paul George was roundly booed in his return to Indy Wed. Pacers fans should have cheered what they got in return with Oladipo making a bid for his first AS game and Sabonis a solid role player in their 2nd unit. Circumstances were different in Melo's and PG case with PG wanting out and Melo being forced out by PJ but many hate Melo and his style of ISO bball and consider him an overrated star we could not build a winning team around.

Still he was a pro for his entire time in NY so despite his shortcomings I think he receives a warm welcome tomorrow.


I'm gonna scream "Iso-Melo" ....
Tonight .. the Westbrooks OKC team went 3 overtime VS the new 76ers club for a OKC road win ..
Tomorrow game we should RUN the ssol throughout the first half of the game to have a tired OKC team in the 2nd half of the game .. Melo n Paul are to-to slow for Westbrook uptempo performance ..
No reason to boo Melo. Whether you liked or disliked his style of play, Melo did his best to avoid generating negativity between himself and the fans off the court. His worst problems were between D?Antoni and PJ, but that shouldn?t come into effect here. Everyone wins if the Knicks fans act classy and cheer Melo.


I was indifferent tbh .. He never got us very far and didn't make the players around him better. That's why most of our rookies didn't develop while he was a Knick.
I'm happy that he's gone cuz I knew he was gonna free up points and touches for the young guys this year :)