Wow .. it only take 3 Knicks to lose 3 games .. whats next


After watchin our 2nd loss to the Toronto Raptors .. three things were notice in our past 3 losses

The 24-5 record OKC gave their star PG a holiday-rest to chill till the all-star game for getting a "tripple-double" over the Knicks .... Westbrook stats were 14 pts, 13 rbs, 10 ast, 1 stl, 1 blk, and 2 turnovers in 29 minutes of playintime.
Did it sink in ........

1) Tyson Chandler let Westbrook grab 6 rebounds over him, plus Westbrook points in the paint were all over Tyson too. Tyson are subject to all 3 losses.

2) JR.smith were given 40 plus minutes of playingtime in all 3 losses.
JR.smith are subject to all 3 losses.

3) Mike Woodson eyes see all the negative & positive in each player performance, and Woodson gives a career 25 minute spot-player (JR.smith) 40 plus minutes in each 3 games. Plus Woodson's most minute played lineup in 30 games are full of flaws, with no communication, or team-leadership on the court.
Mike Woodson are subject to all 3 losses

My conclusion is simple .. the above mention 3 people are the only one's who want to WIN with Carmelo Anthony on this Knicks team.
The majority of our coaching-staff show no movement or comunication when we make consistent flaws on the court. The majority of our veteran bench-players only want to play hard for the win in the first-half of each game.

Im callin it how I see it .....
If u see somethin defferent than write it down


Tyson i gone
JR is gone
Shump is gone

no1 is playing even in 25% his own level

but Shump numbers are really disaster he is only good for D his offence doesnt exist

in 3 weeks Knicks will have again full roster but this full roster is no diffrence than current

Woodson dont wana play Prigioni he prefers balhogger Felton

JR is right now for 3s

this team plays no D
this team is 0-16 when trailing @ HF

this team is slowest in entire league right now

thats why i am only waiting for 20.1 the next NETS game

Knicks played just 2 good games against Rockets and Pacers both games were rigged by refs but this is just 2 games.


Dolan say, "Woody's a keeper for rest of season" ..

Our first 5 games next year are vs Ruff-teams that Woody's coaching-style could lead us to a 10-25 record.
When will Dolan wake-up