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    Originally Posted by CA7
    I would put it in the trade thread but NO anyway

    Draft- 2nd Round Pick- Tyshawn Taylor

    Sign Jeremy Lin- Qualifying Offer(better business decision for Jeremy as his next deal can be worth more)

    Sign Steve Novak(Vets Minimum) and Deshawn Stevenson(Mini MLE)

    Trade- Knicks/Pistons

    Knicks receive- Ben Gordon and Jason Maxiell
    Pistons receive- Amar'e Stoudemire and Josh Harellson

    Trade- Knicks/Celtics

    Knicks receive- Jeff Green(Sign and Trade)
    Celtics receive- JR Smith(Sign and Trade)

    Trade- Knicks/Mavericks

    Knicks receive- Ian Mahinmi
    Mavericks receive- Landry Fields and a conditional draft pick

    Trade- Knicks/Kings

    Knicks receive- Jason Thompson(QO)
    Kings receive- Jerome Jordan


    C- Tyson Chandler
    F- Carmelo Anthony
    F- Jeff Green
    G- Iman Shumpert
    G- Jeremy Lin
    G- Ben Gordon
    G- Deshawn Stevenson
    F- Jason Maxiell
    C- Ian Mahinmi
    F- Steve Novak
    F- Jason Thompson
    G- Tyshawn Taylor

    This team has everything

    Scoring- Anthony, Gordon, Lin, Novak, Shumpert, Taylor, Green

    Post Defense- Chandler, Maxiell, Mahinmi

    Perimeter Defense- Green, Shumpert, Stevenson, Taylor

    Rebounding- Chandler, Anthony, Maxiell, Mahinmi, Thompson

    Shooting- Novak, Gordon

    Leadership- Chandler, Stevenson


    I like that, let's dot it.

    Might not be an ideal team or a championship team, but it's by far better than everything our management has done in the past 10 years.

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    The mavs and Kings would laugh in our face and hang up
    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    I really want Melo & JR to get injured and miss 10 or more games

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    I like the trade ideas but I just don't see anyone taking on that Amare (uninsured) contract. We're in a new era where owners don't want to pay max salaries anymore unless its a true superstar player. With a few more years still on that massive contract, it will put a heavy load on any team.

    I agree with knicksin60 that he'll have to get back to averaging 20 and 8 for some teams to maybe take a chance on him. I also believe that he can still be effective offensively under the right offense, BUT will that happen here?
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