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Lot of flaws in this post, but I won't waste my time breaking down every one.

"Better 3 point shooter than he seems"

So he gets a lot of those but he's not efficient in them. Meaning he chucks a lot of 3 pointers. Let's face it, he's not a great shooter. We can't depend on him for 3's. We need to let Novak and Melo take our 3's.

Sorry but Kidd has no penetration game like Lin and this is exactly why he will never be a truly scary PG, and thus best suited as a veteran backup. When the other team knows your PG can't penetrate defense and drive in, they'll double team other players knowing that. This is why players like CP3 / D Williams / Rose are scary. If you don't keep a man on them, they're gonna average at least 20.

Anyway, I'm glad that Kidd came, he solved a much needed problem-veteran backup PG. He also has connection with Chandler. I'm just saying that Kidd does not put us in championship contention and the arguments given are really weak.
kidd is third in the league in 3 pointers made behind reggie miller what are you saying? and is extremely efficient with the ball and doesn't jack up shots just for the sake of it like melo or jr swish his veteran experience and presence alone will do wonders for our team. What our team needs the most is an identity and guidance and i know kidd will provide the latter because he is a no-nonsense type

I just wanted to provide a article that i found that gave reasons why this sort of move will push us into elite status in the league i do believe however that everything rest on the shoulders of amare stoudemire and his health going forward and weather he can be that consistent 20/10 guy we need with at least average defense