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    Announcement Ushering in a new era + FORTNIGHTLY BLOG IDEA

    To all posters, new, old, and especially all of you guests that lurk about.

    The site's moderators have been discussing how the Knicks' improvement will be the harness for the site's improvement. As the Knicks have now put together their most experienced and rounded squad since the late 90s, the excitement and anticipation generated by this will hopefully propel in to its zenith year, after nearly 10 years of operation.

    As many of you are aware, Bleacher Report recently referred to the site as The Official Knicks Forum.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Huge exposure for KO. With the momentum on our side, it's only human/clever to be opportunistic in times like these.

    ☆ The purpose of this thread is to encourage all who use the site to bring in some new faces. Whether it be scouting, recruiting or whatever,

    I, on occasion, check out PSD's Knicks board to bring in any new articles they have that we don't, to keep us up to date. I also take the opportunity to talk smack to some of the tools on there too.

    After scouting their posters, I've already invited one individual, named DLeethal (as in David Lee), who is a good poster. I'm just about to send him the link for the site per his request, and think it can only be a good idea for us to usher him in nicely, and see if he'll bring along some fellow mutineers.

    Get in to it, gents.

    We have the credentials here on KO to bring it even more so to the forefront of online Knick fandom. Far less strict and far more fun. And, Rady has something up his sleeve for all of you, that will remain a secret until that time.

    This thread isn't a plea for more contributors, it's us doing these potential contributors a favour, by showing them how good being a Knicks fan can be, and how we as a whole can elevate any individual's fandom.

    If you know anyone, can entice anyone, whatever.

    Do it for their sake, and in turn, do it for

    There's now also talk of a fortnightly blog written by a KO member. If it gains enough popularity, it can be changed to a weekly blog.

    Please tell us your thoughts on the idea.
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