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    Default Curse of the Orange and Blue???

    I can't take another season of lossing! I went through highs and lows all season with the Mets..and I can't deal with the same crap from the Knicks. I understand its early, but after 3 games these are the areas that need to fixed before we go 3-11 for the month:
    1. Put Jamal on tradeblock now before he gets worse and ruins his value.
    -He is in a perpetual mindstate of loosing. Yea he gets paid but he just doesnt realize that fans come to games to see their team win, not to be entertained..This isn't the Bobcats
    -Crawford reminds of a kid from the park that just throws up shots without even thinking.
    -He has the stench of loosing all over him
    2. Jerome James is a bust, accept it now and bench him
    -Larry will turn James into our Darko and he has every right to since the play of Frye, Lee, and Robinson deserve minutes.
    3. Develop more plays for Curry
    -If he can work on his free throw shooting, we can have a mini-Shaq by the time Curry gets in midseason form
    -everyone on the team looks horrible at the line
    5. Let Larry orchestrate some roster moves.
    -I love Zeke, but his signing of James is one of the worst moves he has made thus far. Well that and trading VanHorn

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    The Knicks problem is they have no leadership and they do not have anyone to step it up in the clutch. The GS game was another game we could have won, but we just do not have players that thirst for the ball in the clutch. Also lets not forget one of our biggest Offensive threats is not playing because he is not in shape because of a long layoff. Once Curry starts playing more minutes and scoring we will be fine.

    Also Jamal Crawford and Jerome James are gross basketball players and they are tough to watch.

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