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    Default Knicks future!!!

    hahaha. did everyone like that oxymoron? if you dont know what an oxymoron is, its a combination of contradictory terms. you see, "knicks" have no "future." therefore, they contradict each other. hahahaha. who wants to hear a funny joke?
    bobcats (18-46)- $33 million cap with young talent
    knicks (17-45)- $126 million cap with one good young player (frye) and a bunch of overpriced bums (francis, marbury, curry, crawford, qrich, jalen rose, malik rose, mo taylor, and arent you guys still paying for shandon anderson? hahaha)

    wait, it gets better. the bobcats have a better record than you guys and they are missing okafor AND sean may. hahaha. it gets better again. you guys wont be under the cap or even close to under the cap for another 4 or 5 years. and im tired of hearing the same excuse every time: "dolan doesnt mind paying the luxury tax so who cares?" heres why you should care. you guys cant sign any free agents and its damn near impossible to make any trades now that you traded away BOTH of your expiring contracts for bigger contracts. wait it gets even better. hows that first round pick looking this year? hahaha. isiah "forgot" to protect it? either way, hes an idiot. if he forgot to protect it then hes a complete moron, and if he thought keeping it unprotected was a good idea then hes even dumber than i thought. but dont worry guys, larry browns system will kick in any game now. im sure it will. you guys win 6 in a row and everyone thinks you are world beaters. hahahaha. "oh boy! larrys system must be kicking in!" hahaha. thats a joke. larry brown is an overrated coach. hes an above average coach, but hes such an idiot. he publicly criticizes his players and he constantly down plays any kind of accomplishments they get. to put it lightly, LARRY BROWN IS AN *******!!! and the knicks are even dumber for paying him $10 million a year for 4 or 5 years. why would you give a guy like larry brown that big of a deal? dont you realize that he leaves teams after a couple years? are the knicks that dumb? larry brown has no loyalty to anyone except himself. he is a little disloyal punk. but enjoy him knicks fans. hes a hall of fame coach, right?

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    wow... that's one heck of a thread...

    i would like to counter u on each point... but i can't... while some of the comments might be a little harsh, there certainly is truth in most of em...

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    jim dolan is that dumb...he's brain dead!!!

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    Wow...I didn't know Scott Layden was such a good writer...

    Go Bobcats!!!!!!!!!

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    Owners will be owner. It's their job to make money and fill the seats, not win championships. Sad but true. Some of you may disaggree but the ROOT of our problems is Scott Layden and Allen Houston's love affair. That $h^! was the worst move in the history of the league and still affects us today. Ok so the majority of NY hate's Isiah now. That's understandable, as specially if you read the Post and the Times. But if you look at the big picture we have expiring contracts next year, we have what many insiders call the "next Shaq" in Eddie Curry (Don't quote me on that. This is what insiders are saying.) And believe it or not we have trade bate in every player on the team out side of Jerome James. Everyone else on our squad is tradable and valuable. So for that reason I dont see the moves we made as being that bad and deffenatly don't warrent firing any one. We have enought assets to get a franchise player next year. That's what rebuilding's all about! Well ant it?

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