Larry Brown is the most hyped, over-rated coach in the NBA. His only loyality is to his bank account, just ask the Pistons owner. Brown had a chance to resign, but instead he just said he would return, when EVERYONE knew he was not going to go back and coach the Pistons. So the owner of the Pistons had to pay him a crazy amount of money. Even though he commented how the Knicks was his dream job during his last season and how he was thinking about becoming the Cavs VP during the Playoffs.

He then comes to the Knicks who have a young team and a great deal of draft picks coming. Three young cats came in the last draft and they all saw their minutes go up and down throughout the year. David Lee really played hard but he would go games being deactivated. Now this draft 2006, the Knicks have picks at 20, 29.

Larry Brown basically pulled the sheets over the eyes of the Knicks and he came there and caused serious problems througout the season. Suck it up and coach the f'n team! Instead he would cry to the press about the teams shortcomings. He traded Arriza who to me was a good young player for another PG when they already have Marbury, Robinson and Crawford. That trade made no sense to me!

Larry Brown should go and the Knicks should try to keep as much money as possible. The Knicks need a coach who is good with players and lets the players run! This team can run, but Brown does not let them. Brown micro-manages more than any other Coach in the NBA. He yanks players so quickly so how can a player feel comfortable! He also had how many different starting lineups?

Larry Brown is OVER-RATED and OVER-HYPED!