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this is the longest thread ever made lol

ANyways I knew this was going to happen....the Knicks can't stop Andre Iguadola.

Mike D should have kept Q Rich in just to defend Iguadola because no one else could defend him from driving to the hoop.

Knicks shot great and Nate is back to his old self.

If Gallinari played I really think we might have won this game. There was times were Chandler was doing so bad that he was only playing because we had no else that had enough energy to play the forward spot, except Malik rose.

Chandler has been horrible...making turnovers...not scoring and ALWAYS shooting long shots which is not his strength.

Once Gallinari is healthy he will either start or Tim Thomas/Harrington is going to take over Chandler's starting spot. Chandler has to get out of this funk before he becomes a role player again.
I actually didn't realize Chandler was playing lol. Did he even score? Maybe he hit a rookie wall, but he needs to be more aggressive. I agree, we really could have used Gallo with Chandler's play. But I would rather us lose this game, than Gallo re-injure his back or something.