Now that Hedo Turkoglu seems to be rather close to signing with Portland, and that would give Portland a bit of a logjam at the 2 and 3, and there're rumors about Rudy Fernandez being rather upset with the fact that he's going to lose playing time if Hedo signs with the Jail Blazers...

What do we all say about the possibility of bringing Rudy Fernandez to the Knicks? We need a backcourt, and Fernandez is a shooting guard who is a good perimeter shooter. He also plays defense (mind you he's not a lockdown defender but he's certainly better than, say, Nate Robinson).

IMO bringing Fernandez to the Knicks would be a good way to not only possibly lure Ricky Rubio here (the two were teammates at DKV Joventut for three years), but also give us a solid guy in the back court. We're stacked witih forwards, we could use a shooting guard and we could use better defense and Fernandez brings that.

The question is what would we have to give up to get him? He's got a rookie contract, so he's not going to cost a buttload of money, but odds are Portland wouldn't just deal him away for some silly reason. Nate Robinson, I'm guessing...?