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    Exclamation Singnature size reminder

    Because it's not the best option PM-ing every user with this matter, i'm just gonna stick it here:
    Some of the images on the signatures are too big, so i need everyone who exceeds 250 pixels on the larger side to resize it to proper width/height. Sometimes signatures are distracting from reading the actual post, and for visitors using other devices for accessing the website, it's difficult to browse the topics and to get the pages load quick.

    I'll give you guys a week to take care of things, after that i will manually remove the images that exceed the 250 pixels limit. You must know that 250 pixels is still pretty big (i do encourage you not to use this express value) and most other message boards don't allow it, especially if it's the height but i'm willing to accept this standard.

    If you don't have the softare or the skills to do it, there are plenty of online tools that are very easy to use.

    If you have any kind of questions/suggestions feel free to drop a line here.

    Thanks for understanding.

    Some of you are using gif animations. Those are still big files even if they don't exceed the limit of 250 pixels, they do need a lot of time to load (as most of them are about 2mb) and that only slows down the navigation for the rest of the users. Please try to avoid these kind of images, or keep them under 200kb.
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    Aww man I lost my David Lee sig!!!

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    yeah pretty stupid isn't it? worst part about its obnoxious to have those sig limits. I don't mind at all a larger dig.. just not crazy long. but I can't even say a couple lines on mine. oh well... i guess nothing is perfect or will ever be perfect. i say raise the limit a ton

    sorry rady. i know you are just trying to make life better here. just don't agree
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    So is my sig to big??


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