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    Default El BJ, Duh-Wayne and The Mighty Boo**** can suck it

    The Heat just became the most hated team in the NBA. The Miami Hate!
    Every team is gonna want to beat them and beat them up! I'm glad we got some big defensive guys to clog the paint and kick the living sh*t out of those Olymprick basturds! Looking forward to the south bitch 3 getting hurt with season-ending injuries. i kid, I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but man, I'm upset. However, not as upset if it woulda been Chicago.

    Cleveland just put out the most hateful, vengeance-driven, sorest-loser press release I've ever seen. Feel more sorry for those Ohio f*ckers.

    Sorry we lost David Lee, but the 3 guys we got back are gonna kick some butt!
    Donnie ain't done yet, we still got a PG to go!!

    for the record, I blame frumpy James Dolan and Wheelchair Donnie for not making James a Knick. time to move on and get better!! GO KNICKS!!

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    Originally Posted by pakopako
    Ask for 'Melo? Might as well trade for Bryant.
    Let's make it happen!

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