Let me first preface my opinion by stating that they are clearly not there YET. That said, I see the potential for Felton and Amare to be better than Nash and Amare and here is why:

Amare is now just entering his prime and this point cannot be overstated. Amare is in top form, healthy and has years of experience playing with Nash and playing in the playoffs against elite teams to draw from. He is battled tested and hardened like Japanese steel. Amare has added a consistent jumpshot to his game which compliments his strength and speed because defenders have to defend him on the wings now giving him the opportunity to blow past them. He has matured into a leader and is thriving under the lights and pressure of NYC.

Felton has the raw materials to be better than Nash in almost every way. He is stronger, bigger, faster, better scorer and more athletic than Nash. These attributes may allow Felton to out due the savvy and IQ Nash possesses. Felton is no dummy either as he has displayed tremendous bball IQ and savvy as well, all though a notch or two below Nash. Felton too is entering his prime and is poised to have many years playing along Amare in D'ants system.

My prediction is that Felton's strength, speed, scoring and athleticism make him more of a threat to contain than Nash therefore will open up more scoring opportunities for Amare. His passing and IQ are a below that of Nash and he may never reach that caliber in those departments but his overall game and the fact that both Amare and Felton are entering their prime together leads me to predict they will be the superior tandem. Thoughts?