1. rady

    New city edition jerseys leaked

    Ever since the "City edition" jerseys were introduced i felt they were plain ugly. Other teams had some really cool stuff but i've never liked the ones they did it for the Knicks. These 23/24 versions have nice colors and try to bring back something from those late 90s unis but i still don't...
  2. rady

    Alternate Jerseys - NBA City edition

    Seems like the guys from NBA 2K accidentally leaked the complete set of the City edition jerseys, what do you think of ours? Complete set:
  3. rady

    Phoenix Suns introduce the sleeved alternate jerseys

    Looks like the NBA is slowly starting a new trend with the sleeved jerseys. While they look pretty nice, as much as i want i just can't see them as official uniforms to be played in during the playoffs or the finals..