A trade with Detroit:

This is the trade that makes sense if you are trying to win a championship.

By trading for Murray(Hawk SG) and now this trade would give the Knicks a dynamic Backcourt. The potential of Murray and Ivey would have put Knicks in a very special category.
I wanted to get Wiseman but Jackson could be a big surprise.

Knowledgeable BB people are still in the house. This great for real Knick fans who hanging on to hope that they take over fully.


KO members remind me to never read anything Russell Richardson write about the Knicks.
1) Jalen Duren were supposed to be MitchRob back-up center in the 2022-23-24 season.
2) We were suppose to trade Jericho Sims & Kemba to Detroit to sign FA Jalen Brunson.
3) And we were supposed to FIRE head coach Thibs after the 2021-22 season for coaching us to be a 11 seed team in the East. After assistant coach Mike Woodson's 10 Man rotation coached us to be a 3rd seed team in the East the previous season.