Game thread: New York Knicks vs Indiana Pacers 2/10/2024 7:30pm [Game #53]


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(29-24) -- (33-19)

Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
7:30 PM EST


On a breakaway, OBI tried to do a fancy dunk… through legs and windmill jam…. Rejected by the rim. That’s stuff the drives coaches batty.

Precius Achiwa is more valuable!

I’m still in shock how much talent this team has. Knicks not elite but when fully healthy they run 10 deep. All legit NBa rotation players on a winning team. This is gonna be a fun 3 year ride!

MSG gives BB a rousing hello when he scored first points. This roster and the electricity at the Garden, along with the coach and competent to excellent front office… Booker and stars will be tripping over one another this summer to orchestrate a trade here.


91-82 after 3Q. DDV missed a wide open 3, then Obi turns it over and DDV forces a 3 early in shot clock with 30 seconds left…. Misses another 3. Knicks get rebound with 8 seconds left but DDV tries to dribble behind back and throws ball out of bounds. TH sinks a fadeaway 3 at buzzer that clanks around rim and spits back up in air before going through net.

That’s difference between 88-84 or 88-86 vs 91-82. DDV picked bad night to have a bad game.

Still, Indy fully healthy and shooting 11-23 from downtown and yet still might lose.

I can’t see Knicks winning this game tho. They gonna struggle to beat good teams if they don’t get healthy soon. Can’t survive without Randle, OG and all 3 centers. Not unless they shoot lights out from downtown.

Injuries a shame bc they had a chance to finish 2 or 3. Now, I see them in the 3-6 range.


NBA Minutes played leaders 2023-24 season
  • Luka Doncic DAL 37.74. ...
  • DeMar DeRozan CHI. 37.46. ...
  • Tyrese Maxey PHI. 37.11. ...
  • Kevin Durant PHX. 37.06. ...
  • Miles Bridges CHA. 37.03. ...
  • Fred VanVleet HOU. 36.75. ...
  • Trae Young ATL. 36.67. ...
  • Coby White CHI. 36.13.
Booker and AD are 9 & 10. Brunson and Tatum are 10 & 11.
I don’t see a NYK in top 10? Brunson stepped on an ankle, Randle fell on shoulder, Robinson is always hurt, OG has a bone spur on n elbow. Don’t see what these injuries have to do with Thibs. I think the myth exists but is not supported by facts. Crap happens. Thibbs to blame Rose blew out his knee?

Double digit leads evaporate quickly. Uo 10-15 points midway through 4Q isn’t impossible to overcome. Thibbs wants best record team can secure to increase odds of success come post season. He wants a team conditioned to give it their all 48 minutes come May. Perhaps we blame the bench players for not protecting lead and forcing starters back in.
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Injuries are not a shame, but a direct result of Thibs running his players into the ground.

The majority of NBA teams that been playing only 8 or 9 players in their game rotation throughout the first half of the 2023-24 season are now having injury problems in their roster of players at the start of the 2nd half of the season.
And all these teams that have been consistently playing 8 or 9 players a game the first half of the season, are teams that never prepare 10 to 12 players for a playoff run, and fans are calling them contenders, until one or two injuries occur (Philly 76ers are 2-8 without Embiid).
And us fans wonder each season why so many star players are always to injured to compete in the Playoffs?

The Knicks only played 8 players in their game rotation against the Pacers, and two of the players in the rotation are new players from the trade this week.
Bog receive 33 minutes of playing time in his first game as a Knicks.
We have several bench players that has not totaled 20 minutes of playing time in the Knicks 53 games this season.
Burks been gone for one season, and the Knicks rotation Burks played in only have one of the players today, Randle.