Game thread: New York Knicks vs Oklahoma City Thunder 3/31/2024 7:00pm [Game #74]


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(51-22) -- (44-29)

Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
7:00 PM EST


OKC Jalen Williams performance against the Knicks always say, "The Knicks had the chance to draft me!", to replace Knox at the SF position .. Jalen Williams stats against the Knicks tonight .. 33 pts, 4 rbs, 8 Dimes, 2 steals, and 2 blocks.
Great 4th quarter performance by OKC 38-27 .. Knicks need a new HC next season!
A Knicks time-out to put in a defensive lineup being up by 1 pt having 4 seconds remaining in the game, and we put 6.1 McBride to defend the 6.6 all-star Shai .. One of the 3 OKC players we did not want to catch the inbound pass having 4 sec in the game. Shai jumper gave OKC a one point lead with 1 second left in game.
Say what you want .. We need a new HC next season !!!

Josh Hart played 45 minutes tonight, and 49 minutes vs Spurs
McBride played 46 minutes tonight, and 40 minutes vs Spurs
Divo played 40 minutes tonight, and 40 minutes vs Spurs
Giving a 24 minute talented player DiVincenzo, 40 minutes of playing time in a NBA game says,
"WE NEED A NEW HC next season !!!".


That 2022 draft will forever irk me. Trading lottery pick just to dump 1 year of Kemba’s contract. Stupid.

Jalen Williams has the highest true shooting percentage in the clutch this season (81.4%).

Most field goals made in the 4th quarter this season:

180 — LeBron James

170 — De'Aaron Fox
162 — Giannis Antetokounmpo
162 — Jalen Williams
157 — Kevin Durant
150 — DeMar DeRozan
145 — Paul George
144 — Stephen Curry
141 — Luka Doncic


The OKC HC Mark Daigneault beat us with a 11 man rotation today, he's giving out double-digits of playing-time to all the players on OKC roster throughout the remaining 15 games of the season.
Our HC Thibs have been playing a 8 or 7 player Knicks rotation in our last 40 games ..
Rotation development looks good.
However, player development is bad when 3 or more players are consistently receiving 40 minutes of playing time in games.

What's up with the STEAL in the OG trade (Precious Achuwa)?
Precious all-around performance became a desperate need in our rotation throughout the injury Feb & March.
As a fan I believe Precious (hustle) performance earned him 30 minutes of playing time in each of the remaining regular season games of his final contract year.
Our only PF on the roster Precious Achuwa were only given 22 minutes of playing time tonight, and only 16 minutes in a over time game against Spurs.
We were supposed to have a front court lineup of IHart & Precious, and a lineup of Mitch & Precious developing same-page performance.