★ London Calling: Europosters Unite! [Tix Available on 10/30]


Dzwonsson, where will you be sitting at the game? We wanna see you, probably a fan sign to make you stand out. Let us your plan bro!


Pistons take fans with them for London game vs. Knicks

why can't the mega-rich moneybags at MSG arrange something like this for the Knick faithful?
or maybe that rich-ass shady Rady guy? hahaha, j/k dude.


Pistons take fans with them for London game vs. Knicks

Michael Colburn read his e-mail a few days after Christmas and at first couldn't believe his eyes.

A message from Palace Sports & Entertainment told him he was headed to London.

At first he thought it was a joke. But he remembered seeing the promotion in the Detroit Free Press a few days before Christmas. He joined one of the Detroit Pistons fan clubs to be registered in the contest, but he had forgotten about it during the busy holiday season.

So the 57-year-old resident of Clinton Township, Mich., who has been a Pistons fan since the Cobo Arena days, called the number and discovered it was no joke. He is headed to London to watch the Pistons face the New York Knicks on Thursday.

The trip was a great holiday treat for Colburn, who was in the United Kingdom in April and seven years ago spent his honeymoon overseas. He also has roots there with both parents from east London.

"To be able to go back to London and see them play against the Knicks and be a part of that is a thrill anyway, but the chance to do it as a part of a contest winner makes it better," Colburn said by phone Friday. "It could have been anywhere, but to be London makes it that much sweeter."

Six other winners — along with a traveling party estimated at 180 — are scheduled to board a charter plane Monday evening. When the event was scheduled in the summer, there was talk that the Pistons would leave right after Saturday night's home game against the Jazz, but since the Knicks play today, the schedule was altered to allow both teams a similar amount of time overseas.

The Pistons will arrive Tuesday and practice that day.

There will be a public practice at the game site — the O2 Arena — Wednesday with an NBA charity event following. Afterward, the Knicks get their chance in front of the fans.

The game Thursday at 3 p.m. ET (8 p.m. in London) will be televised live on NBATV.

The Knicks represent the top media market in the world, boast one of the most recognizable superstars in Carmelo Anthony and have been one of the best teams in the league this season.

That does not describe the Pistons, who haven't reached the postseason for three seasons. Budding talents Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond and Brandon Knight aren't exactly household names.

However, the league expects its members to participate in helping grow the game, and Palace President Dennis Mannion relishes the global spotlight.

"It shows how big this game is," Mannion said. "It's become a worldwide game with significance. To go over and play a game in London, undoubtedly to a sold-out arena, it's just very special and unique.

"To me the extra branding you get from that and NBATV is a big deal for the franchise."

It's technically a Pistons home game — hence the large traveling party that will board a Boeing 767. Selected members of the entertainment teams (including the Pistons' dancers) will be part of the show. The Palace scoreboard crew will be there as well as selected sponsors.


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wft DZ Wons Son?

i hope the KO-euro contingent will meet up and take pics, and wear their Knick garb proudly.

you know the MSG cameras are gonna be looking for Knick fans.
how about a KO banner? haha.

can we get a roll call?

Co-signed, would love for you fellas to post pics and possibly a banner (lot to ask though).


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Great news!
Last year i couldn't make it due to some personal reasons but if nothing interferes this winter i'll be rocking my Melo jersey in London!


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My schedule in January will be pretty tight, the game will be probably in the week before midterms, so I guess I'll fly to London right before the game and leave in the next morning. But still, it's an amazing news. My 2nd Knicks game. :)