1/30/13: Orlando Magic @ New York Knicks (7:30 pm)


It boggles my mind how chandler is reigning defensive player of the year, he just stands in the paint and watches dudes run by. I have yet to see a block attempt and rarely even see him put his arms up. WTF hes pathetic


I don't know if Chandler is avoiding to get injured, but if I was 7"1, I would JUMP at every opportunity I see a 5"10 midget like Smith dare take it to the paint. I would atleast raise my arms straight above my head.

Chandler doesn't even try to contest, it's sad. Chandler should be averaging 2-3 blocks a game.


★The Floor General★
His excuse is he wants to save his fouls / energy. I am not sure what it is , as high as he jumps to grab lobs you would think he would be top 10 each year