10/30/13 New York Knickerbockers vs the Milwackee Mucks (7:30 pm)


Wow! Melo moving without the ball, getting a completely open shot 5 feet away from the basket. That's a new one!


The Bucks r one of the teams in the East that didnt improve in the offseason .. downgrade-downgrade
A Knicks 20 or more points blowout WIN at the Garden .. We won this in the first-half.


All Star
I'm pleased with what I've seen so far, we're shooting 54% and keep our opponents below 40. Not much to complain about then...


I know this isn't related to the game, but off on what's going on the NBA...I know 3G4G would be interested.

MCW has the most steals in a game for an NBA debut ... 76ers right now look like they took a very efficient PG. People may say MCW's jumpshot is broken and is a gimmick PG, but you can't doubt his debut tonight against Miami.

Michael Carter Williams has 19 points, 7 steals, 9 assist, 4 rebounds, 6-10 FG, only 1 turnover. Philly is behind Miami 98-93 right now with 9 minutes left in the 4th.

I'll be keeping my eye on that prospect. Too interesting to ignore.


Melo was like "GTFO OFF ME SON!!!!"

Wow, they call a technical on Melo for breaking away from ZaZa mauling him in a wrap up. SMH. Refs already screwing the Knicks slowly.