2/1/13: Milwaukee Bucks @ New York Knicks (7:30 pm)


why was Novak scared to shoot twice in a row?
Novak average 5 shot attempts per game .. that is 4 shots short of what he should be averaging.
When is woodson going to give Novak the greenlight .. that's the best way to boost-up Novak confidence

Big ERROR ....
2nd season Shump is not a starter, he should be coming off the bench with Stat & Prig to start the 2nd & 4th quarter


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STAT and Tyson inside play is pretty impressive right now. Bucks are no joke inside with Sanders best shotblocker in the NBA and a good rebounder, and Ilyasova can put up huge rebound numbers too.

STAT posting up is so dangerous, with kick out to open shooters, Tyson to clean up misses and options everywhere on the double team.


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At least Amare continues to prove all haters wrong. 17 points, 6 rebs and a block. BTW, before the game Berman reported that if we win this one and Miami loses against Indy Woody will coach the East during the ASG, is it true?


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Yes. If we win and the Heat lose then we have the best record in the east.

edit) I was wrong. Heat will still have the best rec :boohoo: