2012-13 Carmelo Anthony Player Performance and News Thread

Who do you think will win the MVP?

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I'm proud of Melo and the whole team. Age isn't on our side and most of the guys were playing with injuries/illness. You can pretty much guarantee Melo's shoulder was a lot worse than he let on. so to make a run like we did was pretty much a miracle. I'm tired of J.R. though and I don't know if we can retain the majority of the team with their age. It's going to be a busy and exciting Off season
Lebron didn't win sh*t till he helped formed super friends in Miami. Durant got bounced in 5 against the Griz, and he had a much better supporting cast(even with Westbrook out) than Melo did. CP3 couldn't get it done either and he had Blake to work with. It's virtually impossible to win a chip when you don't have help.

anyone who hates on Melo is a ****

Unfortunately, Melo has also has STAT. The sad fact is he (and STAT), and the team played worse when they were on the court together.

The Knicks almost got taken from behind from a crippled. 500 Boston team in the first round man.

Do you honestly believe this franchise is going to win a chip with Melo playing as he does?

Again, Melo flaws actually were made worse when he had a fellow max player. Keep in mind this was Healthy STAT, too, the guy who was setting records for 25 n 30 point games.

You shouldn't compare Melo to another player or another team. He should be judged in his own right, same as the Knicks.


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Media saying Melo was distraught in the locker room, I can only hope he maintains this focus and goes even harder this off-season to come back even better next year


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He looked heartbroken down the stretch. We wouldn't have had a chance to win game 6 if he didn't play lights out. He balled and showed heart.
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I was proud of Melo and Shump yesterday. They seemed like the only ones that were playing their hearts out.


i like melo a lot.. but I think he hurt us in the 4th quarter... he cant be walkin up the ball... caused us 2 crucial turnovers.. that's why we have a pointguard !!!.. we need a pg who is gonna put his foot down and do smart plays.. not just give the ball to whoever wants it for one on one plays


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I completely agree. Melo is a great player, no question, but he's taking a lot of shots and becoming a black hole on the offense. Shooting over double teams is great if the shots are falling. I remember when we had Zach Randolph doing the same ****, putting up double, doubles night after night, and fans wanted his head because he stopped ball movement. Now I see similar performance from Melo.

All that being said, you can't fault him for not trusting his teammates. It's not like they're being productive. JR was drunk and played like it, Amare lost the entire season with injuries and Woodson's offensive strategy was play 3 point guards at once, jack up threes and let JR keep shooting out of his slump. Unfortunately he shot us out of a game. Can't put this all on Melo. He needs help, but he also needs to be able to take fewer shots and make his teammates better. I don't really see him doing that yet.