2013 Playoffs - Round 1 Game 4 / Knicks @ Celtics - 04/28 1:00 pm


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Hello and welcome to the 2013 NBA Playoffs Game 4 between our New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics!


(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Knicks are now one game away from sweeping the Celtics after coming out strong in game 3, crushing Boston in a 90-76 win!


However, thing will be a bit more difficult this afternoon as JR Smith received a one game suspension following the flagrant foul on Jason Terry and will miss game 4


(Photo courtesy of http://www.facebook.com/NewYorkKnicksMemes)

A few interesting facts to know before the game:

  • 16 years ago, on this date: Knicks complete a three-game sweep of Hornets in the First Round of the playoffs with a 104-95 win in Charlotte.
  • With New York’s 90-76 win at Boston on Apr. 26, it was the first time the New York Knicks have led a playoff series 3-0 since the 2000 NBA Playoffs in the first round versus the Raptors ...
  • The Knicks have won their first playoff road game since April 29, 2001 at Toronto ...
  • The Knicks won a playoff game in Boston for the first time since May 6, 1990 in the first round, Game 5.

Starting lineups:




gonna be tough without JR, im predicting melo drops 40+ though and we get a 5point win. The Sweep would be so f*cking satisfying, lets silence the haters


Boston trying to get their fans hype-up in the first quarter .... looking for Novak, Cope, Kidd, K-Mart, and White to make-up the scoring for a missin JR .. 4-0 Knicks SWEEEEP


gonna be tough without JR, im predicting melo drops 40+ though and we get a 5point win. The Sweep would be so f*cking satisfying, lets silence the haters

No it wont, our defense will make-up for a missin JR .. and the last thing we need is a ball-hoggin Melo in this game


Melo wouldve hurt them with the and 1 to end quarter, the same with Novak's open 3
we need these shots to fall

T.O Knick

First real test of adversity.

Don't have to win this game but need to make a real game of it in the second half. Need to show the Green Mob that even at our worst they can barely beat us.


Well, Boston did hype-up their crowd by extending their 5 point first qtr. lead to 19 point lead by halftime. 35-54

Is this what happens to a team when they only give the GREENLIGHT to two players to score throughout a 82 game season?
Knicks defense has been decent in the first half, but our offensive strategy has been give the ball to Melo to shoot on every offensive-possession which has Melo with 5 turnovers, shooting 3-15 from fg, and the Knicks as a team shooting 27% from the fg% by halftime.

Im sorry to say, "Melo does not compliment his teammates as well as JR.Smith" and thats not a good thang


In the 2nd half .. I want Kidd/K-Mart/and Copeland comin off the bench at the same-time to play 6 straight minutes


Melo sits .... and the Knicks chopped a 20 point lead down to 3 point lead at end of 3rd qtr.
Woody was resting Melo for the 4th qtr., while Melo was resting we had 5 players on court playing TEAM-DEFENSE


The problem is woody can't take Melo of the floor. Have you ever seen a coach taking of his best player in the 4rd quarter in a playoff game?