2013 Playoffs - Round 1 Game 6 / Knicks vs Celtics - 05/03 7:00 pm


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No rest for the boys or Indy. Game 1 second round at MSG this Sunday. Let's see how Melo handles Paul George because he wasn't very good against Boston.


No rest for the boys or Indy. Game 1 second round at MSG this Sunday. Let's see how Melo handles Paul George because he wasn't very good against Boston.

Good point .. Pierce then Paul George ....
Pierce = experience-super star
Paull = young athletic star ability

Yep, Melo got hell on his hands again in the next series


I ****ing love Shumpert.

What the hell is Melo's problem??? Is his shoulder worse than we know or is there something else wrong with him? He made 2 big shots down the stretch but other than that it was another sub par game. He's played terrible the last 3 games and his body language has been awful.. looks like a zombie out there

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I still don't understand how Woodson literally watched a 20-0 run without calling a time out. I almost punched a hole through my tv from sheer frustration.

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No rest for the boys or Indy. Game 1 second round at MSG this Sunday. Let's see how Melo handles Paul George because he wasn't very good against Boston.

Doc Rivers had more to do with Melo struggles than any one Celtics player!

If Indy simply sits back and thinks Paul can shutdown Melo than it will be a long series for them or better yet a short series!

Look for Novak to make a return this series...we can hide Novak on D better when Indy goes to players like Tyler Hansborough...this will help Melo with going one on one

Look Tom Tibbs and Doc Rivers have coached better than anyone in the playoffs thus far! Both their teams would have gotten swept with a lesser coach.

Brandon Bass defended well but it was the help D that did it and Hibbert is bigger but not nearly as smart a defender as Garnett

T.O Knick


Just love the fact that it's us thar put the final nail in KG+ Pierce coffin, to the retirement home you go.


BTW did my eyes deceive me or did Terry+KG+ Pierce pull a circa 1991 Pistons and refuse to offer our boys any congratulations after the final whistle????


All i can say like the above comment is Thank Bloody God its over ! I was absolutely ****ting myself with 4 mns to go in the 4th thinking we were going to do a MASSIVE, MASSIVE CHOKE !!!! Glad we put finally them behind us !

I actually feel a lot more comfortable against Indiana for some reason !


this 20-0 comeback was just like Dallas comeback in NBA finals 11 game 2 .

This is proof and Knicks will learn that this is playoffs not a rs game.

Anyway Knicks got lucky that this run happens in 4th not 2nd or 3rd quarter otherwise game 7 could be simply disaster

@ the end that game should be game 4 not 6.

Now Pacers and i am looking @ Copeland has not played Q rich played just 3 mins in game 3 Barron just sitting on bench

no all of them will be needed Pacers are alot younger team.


We won. don't care how we got it done..MVP to Felton,Shump, and Prig.
I actually do care...aside from us all having PANIC attacks. Had the knicks lost this game up 26 in the 4th it would have been the biggest breakdown in PLAYOFF history for the KNICKS and may the league. I never saw a team score 20 unanswered points that fast as the Celtics did.
THIS MUST BE ADDRESSED BY WOODSON....Felton's bad pass to Melo ...Felton steps out of BOUNDS...Steals from Melo by Crawford to re injure his shoulder...MELO and JR disappear for 4.5 min in the fourth Quarter is not championship basketball. All that did was reduce the fantastic games by Shumpert and Pablo. I think MELO who got us to the post season choked as badly as Copeland. Great players are great from day one...Copeland is a bench player for the regular season..but unlike giving up Trevor Ariza I would give Copeland one more season. Copeland is FREE AGENT at the end of the season and will leave for a better pay check. So we won but I care that the WIN stunk up the court for 4-5 minutes.


We won the series hooray :thumbsup: .. but the question still remains are we a winning postseason team???
There a tremendous ineguities in the POST SEASON...could the knicks have gotten past the Clippers or Memphis and yet one of those teams is gone. Should the Bulls beat the Nets in my opinion the BULLS might have a better chance than the Nets against Miami...and the Knicks are being exposed for a weak bench when JR disappears. So yes it's a great question. Winning teams don't let a 26 point lead in the 4th Quarter disappear...but if beat Indiana we will be considered a winning post season team by me.