2013 Playoffs - Round 2 Game 2 / Knicks vs Pacers - 05/07 7:00 pm


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Hello and welcome to the 2013 NBA Playoffs Game 2 between our New York Knicks and the Indiana Pacers

The Pacers have managed to steal game 1 from New York and cancel Knicks' home court advantage. It was a poor night for JR & Melo who went 14-43, while Tyson Chandler, former DPOY, had a lousy performance as well scoring just 4 points, rebounding the ball three times and getting fouled out.

With the first game taken, tonight's one is going to be a crucial! If New York loses this one too, chances of going into the EC finals dim to almost nothing. What we must focus on tonight is rebounding the ball better and involve more guys in the action. Isolating Melo and giving the ball to JR is simply not going to cut it. If these guys shoot more than half of the teams FGA and are not having a good day we can kiss this series goodbye.


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Other facts that happened on this day:
In 1984 Bernard King scored 43 to lead the Knicks to a 118-113 victory over Boston in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals and tie the series at 2-2.

Starting lineups




Nice thread Rady

LETS GO KNICKS!!!! FK GAME ONE.....we just need to do what we do best....and that's beat the sht outta the HICKS FROM FRENCH LICK or where ever the hell They're from!!!!

I feel confident the Knicks win this game....and take 1 of the 3/4 games as well.



Despite a game 1 loss against a bigger more physical Pacer squad Woody is committed to playing small ball again. KMart suggested putting Melo back at the 3 and letting him start at PF but Woody said it was too soon to panic and small ball has worked for the team.

Most critical game in the playoffs thus far, can't be down 0-2 and go to Indy where we have not won this year.
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T.O Knick

Knicks win this.

Hibbert will get in foul trouble, Knicks will be more efficient and it's 1-1 headed back to Indy.


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Look for MELO/JR to breakout tonight. Please don't pull another no show TC. We need you now against this big frontline. This series is why we brought you to NY. That goes for you too Jason Kidd. I would get Coleman(Copeland):) In early. I think his size and abilities to shoot/drive can bother the Pacers. I heard Reggie Miller( why????):( is doing the game tonight so I will be muting the TV. Lets go KNICK this the ******** Pacers rivalry renewed!!!!!


Nice "Game-Thread" Rady

Nice Game-Thread Rady .... the first game loss in MSG took all the optimism of the Knicks makin it to ECF out of all fans.

I had faith in us winning the Atlantic Division Title all season long .. Melo's career shows an outstanding player in the regular season games.
However .. Melo's 10 year career in the playoffs deserve BASHING .. untill we watch a Team-Ball Melo working with teammates in a 7 game series for the WIN.... Boston was suppose to b SWEPT!

How many Points will Tyson Chandler have in the first quarter? is important.
for Tyson to have big numbers in rebounds, plus block shots.
How many Minutes will Camby receive in the first half of the game? is important.
Camby makes big men opponents foul him.
Will Kenyon Martin b a starter & finisher in this game? is important.
All NBA players know K-Mart is bringing suprise-suprise muscle.

Will JR finally b put in the starter lineup? so Shump could b our 6th Man off the bench?
Will Prigioni & Kidd be allowed to b our backcourt tandem callin the shots on some pick n roll, catch n shoot, alleyopp design plays, that Kidd been running successfully for 18 years in the NBA?


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Knicks need to feature Felton in pick and roll as their main play. Have Melo post up more and drive to the hoop. J.R needs to drive on every play. Martin needs to stop shooting outside shots. Kidd needs to make a frigin basket. KNicks need to stop giving up wide open outside shots and hustle for rebounds= win
Have to work from 4:30 until 11 tonight, so likely not going to be able to watch the game live. Regardless, if it ain't do or die time, then it's getting pretty close with tonight's game. Can't go into tonight's game with the only plan being to hope more calls go our way or we are in trouble. We can do this, but we need our big gun(s) to step up and be the best player(s) on the court. Let's go Knicks!


Woody needs to give the bench players more time so everyone can go hard on defense. If Woody doesn't give any of the guys on the bench any time, our stars are going to be fouled out the way the refs are calling the game.


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Felton with "The Dagger" Knicks will never trail in this game..Trust me...We got this one...1-1 heading to Indianapolis.. :gony:


Melo got his game face On...watch out ...:gony:

Agreed. Except for that pull up midrange jump shot with 22 seconds left on the shot clock in transition.

Its nice that Melo is taking smarter shots this game, I just hope he does it with consistency.