2013 Playoffs - Round 2 Game 3 / Knicks @ Pacers - 05/11 8:00 pm


I agree we should play bigger. We should have been doing this the whole season though. I don't know if we can just switch up now. Playing that way goes against what we've been doing all year.

Frankly we've been running Mike D'antoni's offense, using his small ball philosophy, and we combined it with Woodie's defensive scrupples and it has gotten us this far.

I doubt Woodson will make any major changes, but we will see.

Great Post
If Woodson dont make some major changes in Game-4 .. then Woodson is not a legit playoff head-coach.

A legit Postseason head-coach should have various strategic-plans for the many different star-base players teams in a 7 game series:

How do u defeat a Big-man team like: Gasol / Hibbert / Noah / Duncan / Tyson
How do u defeat a top scorer-player team like: Melo / Durant / Lebron / Kobe / D.Wade / Curry
How do u defeat an elite playmaker Team like: CP3 / D.Rose / Westbrook / Parker

Will be continue in Game-4 Game-Thread ....